Capitalist To The Core

I’m laughing at all the newspaper, internet, and college chatter about the end of capitalism in the US. Leftist journalists and academics by nature are cynical elitists who have already proven their lack of talents. They speak as if experts, of a world they know nothing about. Instead of assuming that Obama’s soon to be short-lived trip to “wonderland” has teeth, longevity, and deserves cultist Marxist blind support, perhaps it might make sense to really look at the alternatives and the players involved.
Trust me, there is a gathering storm, of pitchforks and tourches, looking to slay the socialist monsters. These “townsfolks” are not ignorant bands of narcissists, spoon-fed progressive talking points by the state-run media or their arrogant professors. Nor are they hiding in academic tenure cowering in fear of the real world of work, competition, creativity, and satisfaction. These are the people that know, live, and work the American Dream. They come from generations of hard-working responsible American adults proactively building their lives, their families, and their futures. They are also new-comers to the American adventure hoping to partcipate and reap the rewards of American Exceptionalism. These include all nationalities, races, religions, and levels of educations from all over the world. They are all believers in hard work and in themselves. They don’t hide behind universities, unions, government bureaucracies, monarchies, or old-money family fortunes. Instead they say “Why not me ?, Why not my way ?” and labor knowing that anyone can make his/her family successful. I know the words “successful” and “capitalist” have been tarnished by the state-run media and the aloof professors from the universities of outdated recycled uninspired thought. They treat these terms as examples of decadent consumerism and materialism. As if earning a wage and providing for your families future is some archaic concept with no basis in reality. The truth is that these words are icons of achievement that carry with them pride and satisfaction of a job well done in a competitive market of constantly changing ideas, technologies, and players. Does anyone actually think the world wide web, computer technology, or microelectronics would have come so far so fast without the imagination, risk taking, and personal effort of American entrepreneurs ? The goal of Socialists and Marxists is to be completely controlled and in complete dependence on the government. From womb to tomb, spoon-fed lives of can’t do’s, with no need for personal creativity or responsibility. Blindly walking the road all mediocrity traveled already. Their goal is a constantly shortening work week, constantly demanding more entitlements, and creating a world where honest creativity, effort, optimism, and achievement are ridiculed as naive passe ideas. A world where boredom, isolation, and avoiding effort taints everything. My house, my car, my clothes, my family, my dependence on the government, and my future are identical to everyone else’s. A world where notions of individualism, unique talents, personal abilities, and diversity have been stamped out. A dulled cloudy depressed mindset that consumes the entire population.As for me, I want the thrill and exhilaration of challenging myself to forever improve my life, my abilities, and my productivity. I want to wake up everyday eager to conquer challenges, create and grapple with new ideas, all the while knowing that my performance and effort opens new opportunities, satisfies the human desire for something better, and allows me to savor the sumptuous fruits of life on my own terms. I truly am a capitalist to the core !!!!!
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