Don’t Tread On Me

I am 54 years old and for the first time in my life I am afraid of my government and what it will do. I have often disagreed with government decisions but I always took solice that the decisions being made were thought by voter consensus to be the best solutions for America. Following the corrupt, backroom, thug tactics manipulation of democrat votes on healthcare, I am now positive that the government is out of control, doesn’t represent the majority of the people, and is driven by leftist socialist ideology that is destroying our democratic republic.

For arguments sake, let’s forget about ideology. Let’s say that many political view’s are supported by many different people’s. Although most who support many ideologies really don’t understand it’s impacts. If they did, they would not support it. Every ideology in the world has been attempted in some nation. All one needs to do is examine that nation’s history and current conditions to determine how well that ideology works. It’s not rocket science to see the major failing ideologies (socialism, communism, despotism, monarchism, dictatorships).But let’s look at the current United States situation. A so-called “free-market” capitalism with islands of governmental regulations, restrictions, and control. The Congress of The United States (House,Senate) have just passed legislation to add health care as the new biggest island of Government power. The legislation was voted on in both the house and senate and apparantly because it passed it must represent the majority of voters. You would be wrong. Currently the executive branch and legislature have Democrat majority control. A product of the shifting between GOP and Dem control. It does not mean that America is more democrat than rebublican or independent. And that does not mean the members of congress can vote far-left solutions ignoring the obvious objections by the majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independent. But they have done it. With truly disgraceful leadership by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi they have governed from the far left, angered the majority of Americans, and are proud, even gloating, on what they have done. Well this will be a shortlived hike into socialized medicine. The true beliefs of Americans will come true in November 2010 elections. A (D) besides someone’s name now stands for DOOM.One aspect of this whole situation is that the Congress did not reflect the majority opinion in America. This new legislation contains taxes, fines, fees, penalties, and regulations to control the population. But if this legislation does not represent America’s majority, then these current Democrat politicians have perpetrated the same crime on us as King George in the 1700,s. They have placed levies, taxes, and fees on a population without proper representation. Once again we have taxation without representation. The last time this occurred in the lands currently known as America, a powerful force of independence and resolve took hold of the population and a much greater enemy was defeated. I think the current population can show a few Democrats out the door and re-establish the true and popular American preferences. !!!!!!!!
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