GOP and the Tea Party Agenda?

bacterial investation in the GOP
report on the Tea Party, don’t make it up
it’s a start, even more diversity in coming years
it’s a wake up shower, it’s time to wake up and fix problems
he’s just shy and afraid of commitment, give him more time
Tea Party caught both parties in the cookie jar, both parties must work with Tea Party
.- repeal Obamacare waivers. We pay the same.
– repeal Obamacare. New Health Care bill.
– secure the borders, new immigration laws.
– reduce spending, depts reduce costs/size by 15%.
– support legislation of single item bills.
– ban the use of earmarks.
– reduce abortions
– enhance treaty with public referendum.
– require all bills read before voting.
– post all bills online to read 5 days before vote.
– reduce military size.
– reduce defense spending.
– increase military technology and capabilities.
– reduce national debt.
– new journalism fact check, proven evidence.
– license journalist for data integrity.
– charge fines media bias, both sides honestly.
– legalize Civil Unions. State independently.
– get out Auto, Insurance, Banks, Invest business.
– complete operation in Iraq.
– complete operation in Afghanistan.
– reduce entitlements of public unions 15%.
– renegotiate public union contracts, firing rules.
– make significant reductions in foreign aid.
– quit the UN. Let it move to another country.
– eliminate troops in Japan, Germany, South Korea.
– modify anchor baby laws, stop illegal abuse.
– fund efforts stabilizing Medicare and Medicaid.
– fund efforts stabilizing Social Security.
– legalize medical marijuana State independently.
– eliminate funding for NPR, PBS, NEA.
– close Wikileaks. Charge espionage.
– continue to support filibuster.
– remove Czars, no appoint unless congress consent.
– remove waste, fraud, and duplication in government agencies
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