Cryptcl: MSM Makes A Fool Of Itself Again

Note: thanks to Ramirez for this appropriate cartoon.

Amazing that those whining about the civility of others, always seem to be the most uncivil and always seem to be democrats, liberal, left, and progressives. Compare over the last 5 years all the uncivil statements and actions made by both the Right and the Left. You will find that the left has openly called for the death of many conservatives, physically attacked conservatives, physically attacked Army Recruiters, physically attacked Christian Churches, while at the same time claim to be the most civil. Conservatives have made minimal uncivil statements (Cheney telling Pat Leahy to “go f%$# yourself”), and minimal uncivil actions (Murder of Dr. Tiller). In the case of Cheney it isn’t even a threat as much as a suggestion for one’s own personal behavior that they can choose to do or not do.

Yet the MSM is constantly attacking the Right’s civility and ignores the Left’s incivility. Oh well, I guess the MSM is doing what it gets payed to do, blindly support the Left. The MSM is anti-conservative all the time, and pro-progressive all the time. They still think their partisan lies are responsible journalism and are still being believed by the majority of  citizens. The Tea Party is a reaction to MSM’s constant lies, and a direct result of the rise of conservative media presenting the other view of the world. The MSM has made a fool of itself, again.

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