Cryptcl: Just Because I’m Paranoid Doesn’t Mean The Muslims Aren’t Out To Get Me!

The progressive members of our society are attacking opponents of muslim appeasement by accusing them of Islamophobia. Islamphobia is defind as the hatred or fear of Islam and/or Muslims. Given the worldwide attacks by muslims on non-muslims, attacks by muslims on muslims (Iraq), the Islamification of Europe, cultural conditions within strictly muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, shocking complaints that good muslims have with the America culture, and their anger and threats of violence, having a fear of muslims is absolutely approriate and is part of our inherent fight or flight self-preservation.
If thousands were being attacked by Mormons I would be Mormonophobic. What is the major fear ? The major fear is that the Muslim standing next to me actually faithfully believes everything he reads in the Quran, and everything his Imam tells him. The obsessive dedication to Islam by good Muslims is seen all over the world. In many ways good Muslims appear as glassy-eyed cult zombies doing the bidding of the Quran and Imams. Their core belief: It is Ok to discriminate against anyone but a Muslim. Imams frequently order executions for non-Muslims who make movies, write books, drawings, or paintings that insult Islam. They can do this because Islam is not just a religion, it is also a form of tyrannical government for control of it’s devoted servants.The problem is the Quran itself. The Quran is a discriminatory religion that believes violence is a valid solution to infidels. All religions other than Islam are infidels that must be eliminated through conversion to Islam, intimidation, or death. The Quran says that good muslims are the only persons of value in this world. Jews are monkeys that should be killed, and infidels should be killed wherever you find them. President Obama was born Muslim and converted to Christianity. According to the Quran he should be killed. The Quran says he should be killed and still President Obama is on the air waves talking about the Islamic religion of peace. If a majority of Americans were Muslims, I assure you that President Obama would be dead. Other religions and other cultures that differ or contradict Islam are considered worldviews that must be destroyed by all Muslims whenever they can. Nowhere does the Bible point to other religions or other views and say they must die by the hands of our believers. The Quran lists acceptable violence against infidels and bad Muslims in hundreds of suras of the Quran. As written, the Quran is mutually exclusive to America’s freedoms. Freedom of religion, speech, assembly, reasonable searches, and cruel&unusual punishment, are all incompatible with the Quran. To my knowledge all good Muslims believe what is written in the Quran. Good Muslims study and repeat the suras of the Qu’ran so it is memorized. Take a look at societies that are have a long history of Islam.Saudi Arabia is a good example. If America was to decide that Muslims were not allowed to enter New York or Miami. What would the world reaction be ? The world would be screaming discrimination and human rights violations. In Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina are sacred cities that only Muslims are allowed to enter. Why is the world not screaming discrimination and human rights violations ? There is not a single Christian church in Saudi Arabia. Why is no one complaining about that ? That’s the goal of Islam. Islam means “submit” and that’s what each believer is required to do. Submit to what the Quran and the Imams say. The prophet Mohammed spread Islam through violence and war against non-Muslims. He killed infidels, and in Islam it’s OK to kill infidels. It’s OK to kill infidels in the the name of Islam. Often there are eerie photographs from Mecca or Medina showing the orchestrated regimentation of those praying and those circling sacred monoliths. All good Muslims are required to travel in their lifetime to Mecca or Medina. Why ? Because the strict version of Islam that is presented at these Muslim havens is completely anti-infidel, and all good Muslims must be properly indoctrinated. There are no infidel reporters there to say that the Imams request the death of all non-Muslims. If any other religion preached the death of non-believers as much as Islam does, they would be attacked by all the liberal progressives in the world. Islam is treated differently and more special than all other religions. All potential violence, threats, death, discrimination, and terrorist tactics are accepted in Islam and ignored worldwide without any complaints. I suspect that because people who complain about Islam wind up dead, many prefer not to complain about Islam. Which means their discriminatory and violent actions accomplish their goals. Intimidation ! Shut-up the infidels, non-Muslims, bad Muslims, and Dhimmi’s of the world or they’ll be big problems from good Muslims. Everything preached in the name of Islam is an attack against infidels. The goal is no infidels in the world.

Just because I am paranoid, doesn’t mean that the Muslims aren’t out to get me !

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