Unintended Consequences of Human Rights for Captured Terrorists

Recently, with the Obama administration’s guidance, policies for captives terrorists will include the rights of American citizens. Capture will soon be employing Miranda rights, rules of evidence, and influence of ACLU lawyers from the initial capture, to the incarceration, trial, and final sentence or release of the enemy combatant. This is unprecedented in wartime rules of treatment. This places significant burdens and responsibilities on US military during fighting and after action requirements. So lets look at this from a practical point of view. This means that captives will have lawyers looking to discredit soldiers that captured them. They will question evidence, ground combat conditions, collection of evidence, and treatment during incarceration. They will use semantic legal arguments to nullify all the efforts to capture, document, and punish the enemy combatant. Those on the left say it is basic human rights that need to be provided to those who without sorrow kill, maime, and terrorize innocent bystanders. Children are a favorite target of the improvised explosive devices employed by the terrorists. But the left will pamper and protect the terrorist believing that their efforts will improve the plight of the captives, Their assumption is wrong. Like every action taken by anybody, there are always unintended consequences.
A soldier in the fog and terror of battle has enough to think about. Remaining alive the primary concern. It is these individuals who will be expected to religiously follow policies, rules, and treatment to “protect” the rights of the captive that just tried to kill him.The law of unintended consequences ? Why should the soldier go through all the policies, rules, and treatment of those captured. Especially, when a few months later some domestic judge will site some technicality and set the captive free. Instead, To hell with it ! Don’t take captives ! Shoot all enemy combatants instead ! Don’t give them the opportunity to surrender.  It’s just easier and we get the result thats best for America. Dead terrorists! Instead of helping terrorists, these human rights rules will just cause more terrorists to be killed immediately during the battle, as minimal captives will be taken!
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