Cryptcl: Ramblings On Abortion

Take all emotion and religion out of the equation. This is only about saving innocent lives that cannot defend themselves…this has nothing to do with the foster/adoption nor with parents that abuse kids nor does it have anything to do with religion…remember…. Dr Tiller was a regular active member of a christian church….this has to do with a new life sitting right there, almost born, being killed because it (the baby) is inconvenient for the mother’s or dad’s lifestyle…they have more important things to do…what’s more important than a human life ?……..
When “abortion services” are provided…that means living babies are killed……the only difference between any fetus/baby/child is how long it has been allowed to naturally grow…but in all development forms it is 100% a human life…….would  you have said it was ok to abort you ?….I guarantee not……

….I have an idea, instead of killing babies (up to 50 million since 1973)……. why don’t we improve and encourage adoptions and foster care…instead of stigimatizing the mother lets smother the mom with financial assistance, help, job, simple human kindness, or anything she needs to help with keeping/adopting/fostering the child.

..18 days after conception the growing fetus has a faintly beating heart…after 24 days the brain, improved heart, circulation system, and lungs have appeared…not sure at which point it should be called a baby……and you don’t know either….no one really knows when life begins…after conception a single self-contained package of human life exists dependent on the mother for protection and food… ….all that is needed is time and some nourishment from the mother…

Dr Tiller has 2 methods of aborting a baby…..breach suction the baby pulling it out feet first…be sure not let the head slip out…or it’s legally a live birth……and then killing it is not allowed….with head the only portion still in the mother….take a suction device..insert at base of baby’s skull…..swish it around and suck the brain matter out killing the baby…that’s one form of late term abortion to kill babies…..that is the most humane one…..the “dismemberment” method is the same as suction but instead of sucking brain matter out the “doctor” dismembers the childs body….arms, legs, and eventually the head….THESE PROCEDURES ARE NOT CONTESTED BY THE AMA OR ANY DOCTORS OR ANY NURSES

It’s about innocent human life….no one would choose to abort themselves…why is it OK to abort someone else ? We are suppose to protect human life, not destroy it

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