Climate Change Bozos on the Bus

So there was a global meeting in Cancun Mexico to discuss the issue of Climate Change and how the nations of the world must participate to prevent it. I know it was a serious meeting because it opened with a prayer to the Mayan sun goddess. No one objected to this clearly religious ceremony. Can anyone guess the reaction if the prayer was to a christian god ? Anyway, this meeting was to discuss climate change (global warming) and how the large industrialized countries need to pay the underdeveloped countries for their crimes against the environment. In other words, we need wealth distribution from those that have it to those that don’t. Really not sure how moving money to underdeveloped countries will help climate change. Simply speaking, they will take that money and try to purchase the same stuff the large industrialized countries already have.

Now for 100th time I will state the obvious. There is no scientific consensus that global warming is actually occurring, and that it is definately caused by man. Temperature statistics are very subjective. Some temperature monitors are impacted by nearby buildings or exhaust from man made products. We all know that Climate Gate proved that scientists “fudged” the numbers to support the global warming claim. Now I have seen statistics from other sources that seem to make more sense. From 1948-1978 temperatures were rising slightly around the world. This makes sense as this is the period of maximum industrialization. From 1978 to 1998 the temperatures were pretty much fixed and no detectable increase or decrease was found. This is a little surprising since there was a lot of construction and new industries. I would have expected at least some slight rise in temperature. From 1998 to 2010 the temperatures around the world are decreasing. Anybody notice much more brutal winters in the past few years. Proponents of global warming claim colder winters is proof of global warming. I for one have not just fallen off the turnip truck, so I don’t believe this statement. They also claimed hurricanes would be more numerous and they would be more powerful than before. That has not happened either. One needs to only consider a few issues to know that this global warming scare, is driven by those who can make money off the recommendation. Al Gore has pocketed almost 90 million dollars related to the global warming scare.  Here is a list of reasons to disbelieve their global warming predictions.

  • The scientists whose conclusions are being used from the IPCC, claim to have a software simulator that accurately predicts the weather decades in advance.
  • No meteorologist can predict weather more than a week in advance. How do these “scientists” claim they can predict weather and temperatures decades in advance. There is no simulator existing that can accurately predict weather decades in the future.
  • There is absolutely no proof that the actions of man is causing any global warming. The impacts of man are exaggerated to support their global warming thesis.
  • If all CO2 emissions were immediately stopped, it is estimated by other scientists that the decrease in temperature might be about 1/10 of 1 degree, if temperatures went down at all
  • A single major volcano eruption releases more CO2 into the air than all of man’s CO2 emissions. Why have we not seen drastic temperature change following volcano eruptions.
  • The scientists at IPCC that have been exposed by Climate Gate to have manipulated data, altered data, added fudge factors to calculations to get the result they want, threatened to destroy their raw data so no one else can use it, and have received grants and funding by those wanting global warming to be true. If their results said that global warming isn’t happening, then they lose their funding.
  • The raw data collected for their analysis comes from questionable temperature monitor points. Lets say that a temperature monitor was placed 50 years ago. The temperatures were taken to be a certain level. Now those first temperatures were taken when the monitor was in an open field with winds and breezes which decrease temperature.  Now take temperatures from that same monitor. Man’s expansion and construction have changed that field into a parking lot with buildings, air conditioner exhausts, all winds and breezes blocked, and car traffic. Wouldn’t it obviously show higher temperatures because of the impacts of its surroundings even though the actual “real” temperature has not changed.
  • The last and final reason not to believe the global warming alarmists is the most humorous. Look at the photo attached to this blog entry. Does this bus of “stoner, hippie-wanna-be, cool radicals, in a gas guzzling bus” protesting in support of global warming convince you of their opinion ?   Rather, it is just a bunch of “bozos on the bus” making fools of themselves.
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