Cryptcl: A Teacher’s Nightmare!

O.K. So nobody wants me to mention this but I must given the strikes and protesting across the country. Has anyone noticed that schools all grades could have a set of instructional DVD that online, teach, train, and test by software on your computer. The way home schoolers are currently doing it. Don’t need mortar and bricks. Just students sittin’ at home in their jammi’s learning calculus. Selecting the knowledge I would like to learn at my own pace.

Do you know that it is cheaper to get 30 kids a computer than to pay a teacher for a few years. The standardize “LOD school” (LOD: Learning On Demand) computer should last the four years of high school. School applications could use face recognition, or other biometrics, to verify who is taking the test.

Has anyone noticed that all major universities and all minor universities have online classes for credit. The student never needs to visit the university campus. The same approach could be used for all grammar, middle, and high schools. We need teaching training testing software and DVD’s. There is no manual handling of the tests. It is all automated. Your passing or failing scores always online. A school that is available 24 hours a day seven days a week to everyone.
 A teacher is not the same job type as a Fireman or Policeman. A teacher does not risk their own lives everyday or save lives everyday. Teachers are very easily replaced with current technology. Good Firemen and Police are irreplaceable.  Teachers do not deserve how much they are paid. Firemen and Police earn their pay. Two completely different types of job. Teachers transfer knowledge from one location to the brain of the student. Teacher’s present information, hopefully in an enjoyable and understandable way. Computers are made to do this these days in a more personal way. It all depends how good the teaching software is.

So if the Teacher’s don’t like their job, or their salary, or their retirement benefits, or health care benefits, well then I suggest they quit and find a new job like everyone else in the private sector.
Otherwise, stop the whining, stop the complaining, stop stomping your feet, because if there is one thing for certain, everything changes constantly. Soon live teachers will be a thing of the past. Technology marches on.

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