Cryptcl: American Traditions and Those Left Out

Recently there have been some blogs and articles complaining that people don’t understand how others feel left out if a Christmas tree is displayed. People feel left out because they don’t celebrate Christmas. Only in America would this have liberal progressive traction for discussion.
In most countries there are concentrations of citizens with the same religion, nationality, and traditions. This results in an homogenized common viewpoint in these citizens. The Swedes celebrate a Swedish Christmas. The English celebrate a English Christmas. The French celebrate a French Christmas. The Germans celebrate a German Christmas. All these separate countries have slightly different traditions and customs. Their diversity provides a well rounded and a truly interesting set of celebrations.The Americans celebrate an American Christmas. America is not like Europe. America has more diversity of nationalities, religion, traditions, and more integration of these diverse groups. Just because someone celebrates a holiday different than you, should not result in any feelings of being left out, insecurity, or envy. In America, you are entitled to celebrate holidays the way you want to celebrate, and if anyone feels left out, then they can start celebrating however they wish, and leave other traditions and celebrations alone.

America was first settled by mostly European immigrants. Because they were first some of their religious traditions and the civil rules of our society are intertwined a little more than others. But this is not a crime, a slight of anyone’s nationality, it’s just humanity trying to do the best it can as it grows, and thrives with things to be thankful for.

Taking an oath of office is one example. If you take an oath of office you are declaring to some “higher power” that you will enforce required laws and act ethically and professionally. Now some people are atheists and don’t want to swear to a “god”. I can understand that but it is impossible for laws to cater to every culture, nationality, or religion. There are just too many choices. So the oath remains and elected officials raise their hand, with one hand on the bible, sometimes Qu’ran, they state the oath of office. The purpose of the oath is a statement committing that you, the elected person, will do a good job. That’s all it is. People need to hear you promise you will do your best. It’s not religious or cultural discrimination.

Travel to any country and those that first settled and worked the land and grew the country always have more of their traditions in more common with more other citizens and civil laws and traditions. America is no different. The first one’s here added a little more of their culture because their culture dominated the new land in the beginning and many of the traditions are worth keeping, rather than destroying them.

Let’s examine this idea that if some people feel left out, then we should not celebrate a certain tradition. What you end up with is nobody is allowed to celebrate anything that might leave others feeling left out. All traditions from all cultures from all nationalities are no longer practiced and the wonderful diverse seasonal celebrations disappear forever. I happen to think that most people enjoy the Christmas season for whatever reason, and enjoy the diversity America has. Instead of chasing some traditions, celebrations, and cultures out of the public square, why don’t we add more traditions, celebrations, and cultures into the public square. I doubt anyone would object.

One other point that is very important. It has to do with atheists. Atheists believe they are different from everybody else, claiming they have no religion at all.When atheists try to remove religion from anywhere they are following an intentionally selfish agenda of their own religion. They are spreading their own aethist religion. If atheists can wipe out all religions from the public square, than they have created a society where the culture and religion of “no god” is all there is. So they have forced their religion on all others,  the same way they accuse other religions of forcing their beliefs on them.

Make no mistake, Atheism is just another religion, except it believes in “no god”, no holy book, no hymns, no songs, no stories, no myths, no fantasy, no spirituality to raise a man’s hopes and dreams, no seasonal traditions, and no ceremonies to bring people together.

Now believing in “no god” is a religion. Ask an atheist to prove their is no god. They can’t. Which means they believe something that cannot be proved, and are believing the existence of “no god” on pure faith. Wherever there is faith there is some form of religion. So atheism is just another religion to me that has faith there is “no god”. It’s also a long long year in the Atheism religion, no celebrations, no cultural ways of celebrating seasonal joys and happiness, and no traditions, year after year after year. From my perspective, that is the most restrictive religion I have ever seen. Please shoot me now, I don’t want to live in that world.

(FYI): As a matter of fact, there is more evidence that there is a god than there is not a god. Who created atomic structure? Did atomic structure create itself ? I don’t think so. It looks designed to me, so I think we are convinced there is a designer. Not a specific organized religion, but something that has made all this possible. Another point made by atheists is they don’t believe in miracles and have never seen a miracle.

My response: “Look around you, everything you see, hear, smell, touch is a miracle. Humanity itself is a miracle. The existence of Earth itself is a miracle. Every individual is a miracle. Plant a seed and watch a beautiful flower grow is a miracle and not created by man.”

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