Cryptcl: An Islamic House Divided Shall Not Stand?

I am a westerner that understands the true intentions of Muslims and Islam, dominate the world. I seek possible solutions to prevent what looks like the eventual inevitable dominance of Islam. Europe is already lost due to the growing Muslim population and the declining western population. There are Middle East rebellions occurring in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Bahrain, and Iraq are examples of Middle East citizens exercising human rights we take for granted in the West.

Islam and its dogma is designed to protect, defend, and fight external non-believer enemies of Islam around the world. The religion and it’s mandates (the Koran) and leaders (the Imams) are designed to create a wall, Muslims arm in arm, to lock out non-believers.  The “fatwa” is a mechanism so Imams can order Muslims to take immediate action against Islam’s perceived enemies.  There is no interpretation of the Koran, except by the Imams. Believers are trained from birth to respect and to listen to senior Muslims in their mosque, and the Imams. Blind obedience to the Koran and Imams is required. You do not question Islam. You do what the Koran and Imams tell you to do.

The picture on the right is a Muslim women who would not move in with her boyfriend so her threw acid in her face. She shows you before and after. Another instance of honor retribution against women.

Unlike Judaism, Hinduism, Buddism, and Christianity, the Islamic faith’s holy book, the Koran, does not provide morality stories, historical narratives, or examples of man’s free choice. Islam does not believe in free choice, free speech, or the pursuit of happiness. The Koran, in it’s suras, is a list of instructions of how good Muslims live, and how a good Muslim interacts or does not interact with the outside world. If you are a good Muslim in this life, then you will be rewarded by Allah in heaven. In almost all situations, Muslims should only trust, befriend, become business partners, marry, and interact with other Muslims. Any socializing with non-believers should be avoided whenever possible. Young Muslims are encouraged to memorize the Koran’s suras. The violation of the Koran can result in Sharia Law punishments of opposite hand-foot amputations, lashings, stoning to death, hanging, and beheading. Shariah Law also supports honor killings or retribution which are usually directed toward a woman in the family. Fear and intimidation is a good way to keep Muslims focused on the path of Islam. A good Muslim does not contradict or question elders. A good Muslim does what he is told or there will be serious and painful consequences. After years of immersion in Islam, believers become unrecognizable carbon copies of the same devoted believer. The concepts of free thought, free speech, and free choice virtually disappear from the believer.

Many aspects of Islamic religious traditions are very similar to those of a cult. In cults, you isolate the individual with his own kind (cult members), you eliminate external personal support networks, and only expose them to other cult members. You brainwash them through years of constant repetition and memorization of the rules, laws, and beliefs. You instill in the believers their own personal responsibility to protect and defend your faith from external threats. You ask them to spread the dogma whenever possible. You accomplish religious devotion by constant group religious rituals.

Photos below are of the end of a stoning, and a hand that was amputated for stealing.

In Islam, visiting Mecca and Medina, praying five times a day, orchestrated praying in the mosque, and choreographed devotion in Mecca and Medina around the sacred sites are all examples of  religious indoctrination rituals. All these actions reduce idleness, provide a sense of Muslim community, and discourage free thought. The concept of jihad is another religious ritual to focus the believer on their duty for self-sacrifice in the cause of Islam. Muslims are led to believe that they are persecuted by non-believers, insulted by non-believers, hated by non-believers, and the non-believers are sinners, whores, and unclean. Muslims are led to believe there is a real war being waged between the ways of the west and the ways of Islam. Muslims become paranoid and non-believer’s intentions to harm and destroy Islam become a real crisis. They have to sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah in order to protect Islam. Belief in jihad means that they have become perfectly programmed good Muslims.

This photo shows a 13-yr old girl about to be stoned to death for breaking Sharia Law. She is buried to the waste and then the crowd, in a beautiful display of audience participation, throws stones until she is a dead bloody mass, a punished whore.

How does the west combat the threat of the Muslim world to our way of life? If you leave the Muslims alone and let them do what they want, there will be a growing population of Muslim soldiers building an army of Islam. Muslims are encouraged to produce large families. The more soldiers the easier the next generation will be able to influence others in the same direction. More soldiers to practice jihad, intimidate, and terrorize the west. Without overt action against the Islamic cancer, it will mataticize and force society to accept Sharia Law. So leaving them alone will only help destroy the west.

Below is a photo of a young girl being prepared to be stoned to death.

We need to find a weakness in Muslims and Islam. The best approach is to destroy Islam from within by diluting the teachings, shining a light on the consequences of blind devotion, encourage questioning Islamic dogma, and try to expose the jihadist mind set for what it really is. Extreme religious bigotry and hatred against all non-Muslims. The Imams are not trained to defend Islam from major internal reformation threats, only from non-believer external threats. I don’t mean conflicts like the Sunni’s versus the Shi’ites. Those are external threats. I propose the real potential internal threat to Islam, which numbers nearly 50% of their population, and is the most abused by Islam, and most needy of support. Muslim women.

If approaches can be found to reach out and communicate with Muslim women it could be possible to tame the jihadist influence. The importance of maternal influence cannot be overstated. Real Muslim mothers don’t want their children killing themselves. I am sure of it. Regardless of what the patriarch of the family says, the matriarch always has the ability to communicate other ideas to the family members privately. Right now nobody is listening or talking to these abused family members living in the shadows. They are an important factor in the center of all Muslim families. To bring them into the 21st century with concepts of equality, reformation, freedom, tolerance, cooperation, and liberty could in fact weaken the grasp of Islam and the Imams in the current generations and over the next generations. It is already being seen in Tehran where protests of educated men and women have demanded more freedoms, equality, and liberties for the citizens. The Internet is perhaps the greatest tool for exposing Muslim women to new ideas. This free flow of ideas and information needs to be available to all Islamic societies.

Muslim women are the center in almost every Muslim family. The maternal influence on the current and next generations of young Muslims is unquestioned. Although most young Muslims will never say it out loud, they do not like the way their mothers, and other women, are treated. They see on a daily basis the abuse, cruelty, lack of human rights, and intimidation that Muslim women must silently endure. The influence of the patriarch is the primary force for blind devotion to Islam. The influence of the matriarch could be the primary force against blind devotion to Islam. Muslim women see the west as a direct contradiction of the lifestyle imposed on them by Islam. There is a brave new world out there available on the Internet, and Muslim women are starting to hear about lifestyle alternatives of free speech, free thought, liberty, equality, freedom, education, career, and free choice. The west must provide extensive information about lifestyle alternatives to Muslim women. Media outlets in Farci and English should be exposing the horror and plight of Muslim women. The world wide feminist movements  must reach out to Muslim women by focusing on their systemic and institutionalized mistreatment in the Muslim world. The omnipotence  of the patriarch must be brought into question for millions of Muslim women who now must question centuries old beliefs and traditions.

This Time magazine cover shows a young girl who was punished for being seen with a man in public? The Taliban cut off her nose and ears as punishment.
It takes time, but if you lead a horse to water, he will eventually drink.
Shatter the foundation of the Muslim house by unleashing Islamic and Sharia Law conflicts between patriarchs and matriarchs. The Islamic house divided shall not stand.

The expectations are that the world can encourage and support the protests and demonstrations of
Muslim women. The goal is to force Imams to support some reformations in Islam’s treatment of women. The rules and laws of Islam will change from “irrevocable word of god”to the topic of real “reformation discussions” of other rules and laws impacting women. Discussion of rules and laws alone will start to weaken the firm implementation of the laws of the Koran. Democratic qualities of discussion will automatically occur as part of the process. That’s the key, democracy becomes a natural extension of honest discussions.

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