Cryptcl: At Big Peace Read Diana West article: CPAC and the “Trojan” Brotherhood

This is an excellent narrative of how all Muslims from almost all groups practice “taqiyya” and deception of Westerners. With “taqiyya” it means it is OK to deliberately lie or mislead infidels if it is in the cause of Islam. What they say on their West(English) media outlets, is different from what they say their East(Farci) outlets. On the West outlets Muslims are warm and cuddly, welcome our peaceful group into your country, tolerant of other religions, and there’s no reason to be afraid. On the East outlets Muslims are mean and nasty, use preemptively intentional violence against anyone, are completely intolerant of any other religion, and non-Muslims are horrid infidels that need to be destroyed. Muslims want the West to welcome their group in like a beautiful present from friends, and instead the group hates the West. The West will be attacked and killed wherever possible. Attacking innocents, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically in the name of the Islam and Imams. Their religious duty is to destroy the West. That’s what they have been training the last 3 decades for. Brainwash enough believers to do the tough attack jobs, and have them thinking they are doing it for god. These guys really do want to take over the world. These guys really are evil in their beliefs and in Sharia Law. My Message to the world: WE HAVE A MUSLIM PROBLEM! WAKE UP!

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