Cryptcl: Barbarians At The Gate

Every generation has a crisis or a conflict that needs to be resolved. Sometimes without force and physical violence, many times with force and physical violence. Some previous examples are WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and today our generation has radical Islam. Leaders of Islam speak of Islamic domination of European countries and of the U.S. These guys are for real, they are evil, and these guys are crazy.

These barbarians are at the gate and that means that this fight will happen on our home soil. You cannot communicate rationally with these guys. Their have OCD about Mohammad, Allah, and Islam. They truly believe it is their “allah driven right” to dominate every country in the world. Their own life means nothing except for what it can do to spread Islam. They move into a country, refuse to associate with non-Muslims, threaten native inhabitants, kill native inhabitants, and tirade against the government, all the while being supported and fed by the socialist arm of the government they hate. Some find a job and then they are supported by capitalism, which they also hate.

They hate anyone that is not Muslim. They have no respect for non-Muslims as they say they are unclean. All non-Muslim women are whores not deserving of any respect. A good example is how Lara Logan was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted. She got separated from her camera team. She was surrounded by about 200 raging Muslims who proceeded to strip her, perform sexual acts with her, and then began to severely beat her with flag poles. She was badly beaten on her entire body. It took a group of Muslim women and about 20 Egyptian soldiers to spirit her away from there. This story is hardly reported by MSM. It should be screamed from the rooftops. Here is a perfect example of how the rank and file Muslims “celebrate” the ouster of Mubarak, by attacking and abusing a defenseless non-Muslim woman.

Question: What would happen if 200 non-Muslims attacked a Muslim woman in the same way?

If it was a Muslim woman, there would be worldwide condemnation and Muslims protesting and screaming for the deaths and beheadings  of the participants. But a non-Muslim woman? Who cares she’s just a whore, thats what the Muslims say.
All non-Muslims are to be lied to with statements like “Islam does not want to dominate the world, Islam does not want to conquer the world”. While at the same time telling their Muslim audience “Islam will dominate the world, Islam will conquer the world and here’s how”.
Muslims will gladly give their life up on the “fatwa” of an Ayatollah, Imam, or a “sura” in the Koran in order to protect Islam. Muslims will gladly kill to protect Islam. They will lie and deceive non-Muslims in order to protect Islam. Muslims will kill and maim their own family members for Islam, Imams, and the Koran, in order to protect Islam.
What is heaven on Earth for  a Muslim. The Europe situation. No job, aid provided by government, food stamps provided by government, shelter provided by the government. Idle all day except for praying five times toward Mecca. Spend their day insulting and attacking  non-believers, women, gays and the hated Western government that provides for them. They hate anything non-Muslim, anyone non-Muslim, and do not associate with non-Muslims. They believe in a few years Islam will become the state and the only religion. They are certain that in a decade or two Islam will take over the country they are in and impose Islamic Law and Sharia Law.
One important point: The Liberal Progressive MSM media outlets produce videos and do news stories about how peaceful Muslims are and how they believe islamophobic Americans are misinformed, ignorant, and fearful because Muslims are different then themselves. Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense! These Liberal Progressives are just “useful idiots” for Islam, just like there used to be “useful idiots” for Communism. Any media outlet that distributes stories attacking America and praising Islam are Liberal Progressive liars who are the one’s misinformed about Islam.

Just look at any new European nation where Islam has started growing. Ask the locals their opinion of their new neighbors. Never trust any MSM media outlet that says Islam is not a threat. It is deceptive Muslim tolerance and peaceful propaganda, commonly known in Islam as “taqiyya”. Taqiyya is the intentional deception of non-Muslims. That’s what Muslims do, they lie to non-Muslims. If any media outlet presents a pro-Islamic and anti-American viewpoint turn off the media outlet. Stop watching that media outlet. They do not deserve your loyalty, they are “useful idiots” for the Islamic movement.
The fundamental challenge to our generation, that has had it so good, is to prevent Radical Islam from dominating America. Make the laws and rules now so Islam cannot flourish. Discourage student Visa’s to Muslims. Reduce immigration from Muslim nations. Lots of ideas and effort are needed to counter any Islamic population growth. The barbarians are at the gate, and they must be stopped now. It is time for Americans to wakeup, close that gate, and protect that nation. This Islamic threat is real, dangerous, and could be more evil diabolic cultist group-think than any threat previously faced by this nation.
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