Cryptcl: Checklist For A Newbie MSM Or Liberal Journalist/Blogger

All the news that fits our spin

Follow the reporting rules listed below and you will be a great liberal, progressive, or MSM journalist or blogger.

white wash: make things seem better than they really are
black wash: make things seem worse than they really are

  • white wash anything about the Obama Administration
  • black wash anything about the Bush Administration
  • never say anything positive about Bush
  • never say anything negative about Obama
  • constantly complement how great a job Obama is doing in a tough situation
  • anything negative from new or conservative media say it is a lie or fabrication
  • support all Obama’s policies even the same ones that they did not support for Bush
  • provide skewed, incorrect, false, and misleading voter polls about America’s satisfaction with Obama.
  • never mention when Obama goes on vacation if it can be avoided
  • always complain about how much vacation Bush took
  • downplay the serious, and getting worse, conditions of our Southern border with Mexico
  • support all attempts at amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • downplay the impact of illegal immigrants on American organizations and resources
  • downplay the violent crimes of people that should not even be in this country
  • report anecdotal heart-wrenching immigrant and Muslim stories for viewer sympathy
  • never report death threats made about Conservatives or Republican
  • always report or manufacture death threats made about Democrat, liberal, progressives
  • constantly accuse the Tea Party of being racist
  • never admit that the KKK was a Democrat Party organization
  • never admit George Wallace was a Democrat
  • never admit Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King were Republicans
  • completely support all the violent and uncivil actions by Union members
  • completely support Unions in any situation
  • never televise anything negative about Unions
  • support Muslims in all situations
  • charge “islamophobia” on any conservative that does not kiss Muslim ass
  • charge “homophobia” on any conservative that does not kiss gay ass
  • ignore the fact that the Muslim policy for dealing with gays is death
  • ignore the fact that the Muslim policy for dealing with non-Muslims is death
  • ignore the fact that content of the Koran is hate speech against non-Muslims
  • ignore the fact Muslims intentionally lie about their true intentions to confuse non-Muslims
  • ignore the fact that Sharia Law is a 7th century barbaric approach to justice
  • ignore the fact that all Muslims support Sharia Law
  • ignore the fact that the Koran repeatedly calls for violence against non-Muslims
  • support the “fleebaggers”, those Democrats from WI who hide like little girls
  • support the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and other teacher unions
  • support AG Holder in not prosecuting 2004 poll New Black Panther lawbreakers in Philadelphia, Pa. because it “demeans my(Holder’s) people”
  • support AG Holder in suing school that does not permit new 3 week vacation during Haj to visit Mecca
  • ignore the National debt, excessive Federal spending, and “stimulus” attempts have wasted all the money without any positive results
  • counter the spending cuts claims by saying there is no financial crisis, its a manufactured issue
  • report that Obama did a great job on BP oil spill, even though he didn’t
  • report that Obama did a great job on creating Jobs, even though he didn’t
  • report that all financial problems were created by G.W. Bush, even though they weren’t
  • report that all global political problems were created by G.W. Bush, even though they weren’t
  • reports that all military problems were created by G.W. Bush, even though they weren’t
  • report that it is all American’s duty to support a Ted Kennedy shrine/memorial, even though Ted Kennedy should have been charged with drunken vehicular homicide in the 1970’s but he tricked his way out of it.
  • disrespect the military whenever possible
  • disrespect conservatives whenever possible
  • disrespect Republicans whenever possible
  • disrespect Conservative, Republican, Tea Party women whenever possible
  • report positive things about illegal immigrants, to influence their vote when they become voters
  • use misogynistic insults against conservative women
  • never use misogynistic insults against liberal women
  • take statements out of context to make republicans look mean or stupid
  • manufacture statements to make Democratic mean or stupid statements look better benign
  • attack the Tea Party everyday in every way whether it’s true or not
  • portray Tea Party members as issue ignorant, uneducated, redneck, racist, gun totin’, bible thumpin’ voters
  • portray Democrat voters as issue oriented, secular, sophisticated, educated, post-racial, intelligent voters
  • never admit Fox News, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh were correct about an issue, always misquote these conservatives, make them look stupid
  • constantly accuse Fox News of false reporting and deception
  • constantly attack and insult Andrew Breitbart, truth or accuracy don’t matter
  • attack Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann everyday in everyway, truth or accuracy don’t matter
  • report and repeat anything that the Huffington Post reports, truth or accuracy don’t matter
  • remember all online search engines are biased as they are being converted to remove negative stuff about liberals, and positive stuff about conservatives
  • remember the NY Times is attacking conservatives by moving their non-fiction bestseller Conservative books to the another category to hide them from the readers. Making it look like all the non-fiction political bestsellers are liberal. They can’t let people read conservative books as they might realize that the left, Democrats, and MSM have been full of crap for decades, and that the conservative books make historical, factual, and policy sense.
  • only write pro-global warming or pro-climate change stories, make stories up is if you have to
  • never question global warming or climate change, regardless of how stupid the comments are
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