Cryptcl: Danny Glover: Reason, Truth, Facts Don’t Matter to Lefty Viewpoint.

Danny Glover below states that reason, truth, and facts don’t matter in a  lefties political viewpoint. I wonder what he thinks does matter in a lefties political viewpoint. He also implies that Right-Wing/Tea Party is causing the violence. There was no Right-Wing/Tea Party caused violence during the Townhalls. There was no Right-Wing/Tea Party caused violence during the health care crisis. The health care crisis is still going on. Isn’t he still a lefty?

Danny Glover says:
“You know what I miss most about being a Lefty? Being able to say whatever the hell I want. Reason, truth, facts be damned… It’s so 1984-ish. In your fevered, unreasonable, little, angry mind you carefully affix brown pieces of paper over what’s inconvenient, rewrite it a bit, and then memory-hole the rest.  I really do miss that. There’s no effort, no time wasted on Google, none of that pesky self-awareness. Cold weather is proof of Global Warming — stuff like that. And you would think that with those kinds of advantages, Leftists would be less neurotic. But you would be wrong.”

Anyway, here’s another piece on the ever-growing Gibson/Glover pile of disappointments determined to ruin the “Lethal Weapon” franchise:

“You know, even though we know that this young man is just deranged in some way, there’s the side that drove him to that act, with the kind of vitriol, the kind of nasty, just villainous violence that is happening. The violence that happened even during, you know, town hall meetings…during the healthcare crisis, the healthcare debate and everything, all this kind of violence.” 

“A the end of the video, Glover appears to blame Tucson on “the wars.” Wouldn’t it be faster to simply say that he blames all violence for Tucson except for the violence you see in the films that made him a multi-millionaire? If you’re going to blame outside influences, blame outside influences.” 

Source of these Danny Glover comments is the link below:

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