Cryptcl: Debt Bill Exhaustion

Ping Pong Exhaustion
Like an endless game of ping pong the debt bills have been crossing the net on a regular basis. Senate one side, House other side. Partisan voting in Congress produces a constant deadlock. Yes in House is a no in Senate. Yes in Senate is a no in House. Some worry we need to get to a compromise so there is no deadlock. Compromise is fine if it produces effective legislation. Compromise usual produces ineffective legislation because it does everything with faux fixes and nothing is done correctly. I am suffering from ping pong exhaustion. Lots of dizzying ball movement but no issue progress.

Compromise is fine for minor legislation, but not for the most important legislation. It’s better to come back another day, with a changed set of congressional voters that might actually pass something worthwhile. The government plane is crashing and Obama collecting more taxes as it hurtles to earth is not going to change this disaster. So an ineffective bill will not solve the problem. A strong firm set of fiscal conservative policies can solve the problem over time. Watering down those conservative policies down with liberal tax and spend policies will reduce their effectiveness, and in fact make things worse.

Tax The Rich
Taxing the rich is the mantra of the Obama administration. All taxing the rich does is remove rich people’s money out of investments and places it in the hands of some incompetent bureaucrat to spend. People who are rich and have discretionary money invest that money. They invest in the economy, in companies large and small, and in Wall Street. That money adds fuel to power the economic machine. Increasing taxes moves more money out of investment into government agencies who waste it because they are not running a profit and loss department. Profit and loss means nothing to government agencies. There is no accountability in these government departments.

Government Costs
Investment by the “rich” in the economy fortifies existing jobs, and creates new jobs. New tax spending money by bureaucrats just increases the costs and size of government. Currently the USPS looses about $8.5 Billion each year. Non-government delivery companies make a profit. Why not the USPS? Because it is run as a government agency. Recently it has been discussed that USPS might go to 3 day work weeks. USPS employees are upset their retirement benefits, that are based on their work, will also be reduced. If you work 40% less than your retirement benefits should be reduced by 40% too. Duh!

2012 Elections
Wait for the 2012 elections. Tea Party has made their responsibility to provide a GOP/Tea Party controlled House, Senate, and POTUS. Did a wonderful job in 2008 with the House. We expect the same changes in the rest of the governing bodies in 2012. With a GOP/Tea Party controlled government the need and ability to implement fiscal conservative policies and spending cuts will be possible. GOPers who are not on board with fiscal conservative policies and legislation need to make a decision. Support fiscal conservative spending and economic policies, or find yourself unelectable in the next election cycle.

Old Guard vs. New Guard
It is important to remember that “old guard” of politicians are of a “can’t  do” mindset. Freshman conservative and Tea Party members, tend to be a “can do and must do” mindset. These freshman are more interested in fixing serious national problems than getting re-elected. The have the unselfish desire to take some risks in order to have the government crisis stabilize over the next few years. Any legislation will take years before the desired impact occurs. It’s delayed gratification. Work hard now, improve the future, and see results later. It’s that simple. Old RINOs like McCain will always say it can’t be done. Because he says it doesn’t make it accurate or correct.

Unemployment Rates
The unemployment in Mexico is 4.9%. The unemployment in America is 9.4%. Obviously most of Mexico’s unemployed have moved to the USA and are collecting entitlements because of an anchor baby in the family. 15 million illegal immigrants does not help our economy, our entitlements, our public services, or our job conditions. Yet Obama continues to encourage illegal immigration by making promises to Hispanics he can’t keep. Hospitals are closing because their ER’s are putting them out of business. Four identified hospitals have already closed in California. I believe they will try to convert these hospitals to private health centers and eliminate their requirement of an ER accessible to all illegal immigrants free of charge.

What Needs to be Done?
In the near future America must create a forced balanced budget, reduce the size and cost of the government by removing duplication, over staffing, excessive benefits and retirement, and create an environment that encourages job creation. If all these things don’t happen with a fixed debt ceiling in place times will get tougher. The debt ceiling needs to remain at a fixed level. Increasing the debt limit is like maxing out all your credit cards and just opening a new credit card so you can charge more. Raising the debt ceiling does not solve the problem. Reduced spending, reduced costs, and reduced size of government can solve the problem.

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