Cryptcl: Democrat Hate Speech Inspires Tuscon Shooter

The only media the Tuscon shooter was influenced by is the democrats progressive led attacks on George W. Bush for his two terms in office. It turns out that Tuscon shooter is a “Bush Hater”.
He didn’t watch Fox news, he didn’t listen to talk radio, and he didn’t frequent right wing websites, or periodicals. He had a grudge against Rep Gabrielle Giffords (since 2007) before Bush was out of office, he was in a liberal academic society, before the Tea Party was formed, and before Sarah Palin burst onto the national political scene. So where did he get all this hate for Bush and politicians? Why from the Democrats, progressives, and liberals relentless bogus attacks, false accusations, vitriolic rhetoric, in the conspiracy movie called “Zeitgeist”, and in all their progressive media outlets.

For the record the only additional arrest to the Tuscon shooter, a democrat taking a picture of a Tea Party member and then yelling “{members name} you’re dead” to a Tea Party member. So who creates the most vitriol and rhetoric? That’s right, it’s the left in this country.

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