Cryptcl: Dir. Napolitano Touts Border Safety Double-Speak?

She touts a 30% decrease in the border apprehension of illegals, and an increase to 779,000 deportations. She also states that this is a “civilian” border and we will not over-militarize the border. She says that its as “safe as it ever was”. Also note she mentions that we are providing more resources, money, equipment,  and border personnel. Let’s examine those statements a little.

A 30% decrease in border apprehensions tells me that perhaps the border security agents are in the wrong place. No one believes there has been a 30% decrease in crossing attempts. The illegals have adapted to the new personnel placements. Just for logic understanding, if you had a 100,000 border guards that just sat down and did nothing, we could claim we have a 100% decrease in border apprehensions? Looks good on paper. But as a statistic it is meaningless.

779,000 deportations sounds good, more than previous years. But every year the number of illegal immigrants in this country increases substantially. Some estimates say as many as 3 million illegal immigrants a year cross the border. Not sure how accurate that number is, sounds a little large to me, so lets just say a lot cross the border. So every year the deportations SHOULD increase because every year there are more illegal immigrants in the country. If it doesn’t increase by at least the (number of illegal immigrants that crossed into America +1) then we are loosing the illegal immigrant war. On an anecdotal level, stories of crimes and deaths of citizens caused by illegal immigrants is reported daily from all over America. Illegal immigrants have a huge impacts across America and nothing is really being done to stop it.

I am not sure what she means by a “civilian” border. If she means that we let people pass through undetected and not apprehended. Well yes then we have a “civilian” border. I would prefer a border thats “militarized” enough to stop the flow of incoming migration. I want enough military as needed.

When she mentions we are applying more resources than ever, thats DHS double-speak for nothing. We don’t want DHS to apply more resources than previous years because previous years we applied nothing for decades. What we want is for DHS to apply enough resources to stop and turn around the immigrant migration. The American people would gladly pay enough money and resources to stop the illegal migration. If we are doing things right, then the number of illegal immigrants IN our country should reduce each year. That is not happening because the federal government is not doing either its best or enough to solve the immigration problem. The democrat politicians are still “drooling” over the possibility of these immigrants becoming Democrat voters. That’s why government agencies are not doing anything to solve the problem.

What else is Dir. Napolitano misrepresenting to the American people for reasons of partisan politics?

Another interesting statistic, not talked about much, is that 8 out of 10 illegal immigrants apprehended in 2010 were never prosecuted. Just more of the pointless strategy of catch and release. Look busy but intentional avoid solving the problem.

full story:

Also saying it is “as safe as it ever was” says nothing because there is not a single year in the past decades that has been safe at all.

Americans want action, not political double-speak !
Americans don’t want a dirty bomb attack on our own soil !

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