Cryptcl: Dump the Vats of Kool-Aid

The November 2010 election just completed demonstrated to all, except democrats, that the liberal agenda undertaken by Obama and the democratically controlled congress is NOT what the citizens of America want. They want an improved economy (job growth), no amnesty for those who illegally entered our country, elimination or repeal of the atrocity known as Obamacare, creation of new healthcare solutions, a reduction in the size of government, a fiscally responsible approach to spending, the removal of special treatment for unions or government workers (same as private sector), the acknowledgement by the left screw-ups (Frank, Dodd) of their responsibility for the sub-prime housing crisis, admission by Obama that he was not bipartisan when ramming numerous stimulus, bailouts, and healthcare bills through congress, admission by Pelosi and Reid that they had abused their power in forcing ideological legislation through that was NOT what the majority of America’s electorate wanted.
After the election, lefty pundits are claiming the Tea Party are unclear thinkers who are misinformed by conservative media. Unclear thinkers ? Can somebody tell me the rational thoughts behind re-electing Harry Reid, or voting for Pelosi as the new minority leader in congress ? Pelosi has an 8% approval rating. Reid declares a war that is still in spin as already “lost”. Anybody ever ask him what he based that statement on ? These are two of the most intellectually absent and morally bankrupt politicians I have ever seen.

I think what is most amazing to me is that both Reid and Pelosi still have leadership influence in the Democratic party. The sheer incompetence through statements and actions that both Reid and Pelosi displayed in the past 2 years, boggles the mind. You can revisit all the press released statements by these two and see that everything they said was a lie, showed their ignorance and incompetence, or was an intentional partisan spin that never came close to reality. Nothing they said had any basis in fact. Never did they even try to understand what the voters wanted. Heck, at the start of the election voting on 11/2/10, Pelosi actually said “it looks like it will be good for democrats”. Reid did not even campaign the last few days. Instead he pulled the strings of the unions he was already in bed with, and convinced the spanish only speaking community that the Dream Act would be passed by this congress, before the new congress starts. Everything with these guys is a sleazy backroom deal for personal gain. These are perhaps the most corrupt politicians I have ever seen. And still they carry influence among their democratic party. If Pelosi gets the minority leadership job, then gridlock will be the normal mode of operation for the next 2 years. Pelosi and Reid will never allow the backtrack on the faulty bills they rammed through the congress.

The future does not look too bright to me right now. I just cannot understand how the democrats act like children for years, when an adult is needed. According to the voters in the democratic party everything is just fine. Talk about denial. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi still won’t admit that the American people strongly rejected their agenda. These three think it was just bad communication on their part. Hey somebody get to the White house and congress and dump all the vats of Kool-Aid. Everyone’s had enough.

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