Cryptcl: Einstein Shrugged

The most important question on the minds of every atheist, religious, and thinking person should be how do all these realms of study (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, quantum physics, cosmology, astronomy, evolution, Darwinism, and religion) explain the creation of our world and the creation of man. In religious books there are descriptions of a superior being changing darkness to light, creating land, creating seas, making man from a handful of earth, women made from earth or made from man, creating mountains, creating the sun, the moon, and stars.

 Few details, only a few holy book sentences that are open to interpretation. Not much help. The scientific community has rejected all holy books. They claim to have identified a “big bang” explosion from a singular point which made the universe as we see it today. They claim that raw materials and chemicals create microbes that evolve into all the forms of life we see. This includes complex fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, and man. The scientists believe that through random mutations of simple lifeforms evolving into complex DNA life forms, we were created.

Well pardon my ignorance, I am not a scientist,  but from my perspective all physical reality is neither explained nor created by man’s understanding of science. Namely, atomic structure, DNA structure, chemical properties, the laws of physics, astronomic reality, laws of quantum physics, and any physical proof of micro-evolution or macro-evolution, all avoid the discussion of creation. They have no explanation so they ignore it.

Nothing can be created without atomic structure, chemical properties, physics, biology, geology, astronomy, and quantum physics. Can anyone tell me who created atomic structure? Can anyone tell me who created chemical properties? Can anyone tell me who created physics? Can anyone tell me who created cosmology ? Can anyone tell me who created quantum physics? Can anyone tell me who created biology?

When I ask these questions, secular scientific types immediately start rattling off names such as Isaac Newton,  Galileo, Einstein, and a thousand other scientists. They are completely wrong. Those scientists only observed, tested, and documented what was already there. Science tends, through observation and testing, to present a discovery as if they created it. The laws and rules of the appropriate science are observed, and the results are used to define the relationships between physical entities. Fine, we have observed and quantified the physical world through observation. We can state the mathematical constants that define those relationships in the physical world. The question was who created all these physical relationships? It was not man, he only observed and quantified them. The existence of physical relationships and it’s building block atomic structures were all present millions of years before they were observed by man. The physical world was here before anyone measured or studied it.

Scientists tend to present their observations as the complete definition of the physical world, when in fact, it’s only some observations and notations of what already exists. It’s always incomplete. You can’t identify and quantify everything in our physical world. It is impossible. Scientists tend to believe their discipline is so important that it overshadows the need for an entity that designed it all. “God” is not needed, we have science. Nonsense. We have science to study and document the physical world that was already created by “God”. I use the word “God” as meaning some undefined entity responsible for constructing the physical world. It’s not related to any organized religion or dogma. There is an ancient physical world existing before man. What or who created our universe, our galaxy, our earth, our sun, our moon, atomic structure, chemical properties, physics, quantum physics, geology, biology ? In almost all answers, scientists reply in terms of possibilties, probabilities, speculation, conjecture, and just plain guesses. Not a very empirical scientific answer.

Many scientists agree that the complexity of the physical world is not completely understood by science. In fact, when some anomaly comes along that is not explained by our current scientific knowledge, man either modifies current science or creates a new science to explain it (quantum physics). I wonder if a new science will be created to explain why the expansion of the universe is accelerating instead of slowing down as the laws of physics says it should.

It needs to be understood that all the scientific realms exist and operate together, with mathematical relationships, to create the existing physical universe. Without the constant relationships between all physical entities, regardless of how big or how small, the physical world would collapse upon itself and we would no longer exist.

If you ask an honest qualified scientist, lets say Einstein, “Who created the universe?” He would think for a few seconds, and respond with sticking out his tongue and shrugging his shoulders communicating “I have absolutely no idea, and neither does anyone else”. Einstein shrugged !

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