Cryptcl: European Muslim Statistics

Here are some statistics and related info about Islam in Europe. Europe will be dominated by Islam in the next 50-100 years. These are symbols for the Muslim Brotherhood and the crossed swords signify eventual dominance through intimidation and violence.
Country / Est.Muslim.Pop / Pop%Muslim
United Kingdom 2,869,000 4.6
Switzerland 433,000 5.7
Sweden 451,000 4.9
Spain 1,021,000 2.3
Portugal 22,000 0.2
Norway 144,000 3.0
Netherlands 914,000 5.5
Luxembourg 13,000 2.7
Italy 1,583,000 2.6
Ireland 43,000 0.9
Greece 527,000 4.7
Germany 4,119,000 5.0
France 3,574,000 5.7
Finland 42,000 0.8
Denmark 226,000 4.1
Belgium 638,000 6.0
Austria 475,000 5.7
Total 17,094,000

Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life • Forthcoming Pew Forum Report, 2010. Note: I have seen similar population estimates that indicate % Muslim approaches closer to 10% in many cases. For now lets use these numbers.

These Muslim populations are not interested in assimilating into the country they live in. They prefer spreading Islam until European countries loose their democratic majority at which time Islam will be the state/religion and Islamic Law and Sharia Law will take over social justice. In their Islamic state values of freedom, liberty, fairness, justice, diversity, and tolerance is meaningless unless you are Muslim. Hey, even the Muslims aren’t treated much better than non-Muslims. But the Muslims choose to be oppressed. They choose to oppress women, gays, all religions, and non-Muslims. The mosque and Imams control the patriarch of every family. No one refuses Islam, religious elders, Imams, or the Koran. Any refusal would result in painful punishment or death. Good Muslims do what they are told. Good Muslim patriarchs are controlled by Imams and their mosque, and then good Muslim patriarchs keep their family under control
French Concern About Islamic Extremism

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