Cryptcl: False Accusations, Name Calling, and Branding Sarah By The MSM

The echo chamber of the MSM constantly repeating stories that are not true, not accurate, and no basis in fact. The MSM has constantly been “branding” Sarah Palin as stupid, not very bright, an intellectual lightweight, and some one that does not belong on the same stage as the “genius” Obama. The branding of Sarah has been so comprehensive that many misinformed conservatives are led to believe she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. When in fact she is a very intelligent and well informed conservative who speaks the truth rather than converting the truth to fit her ideology.

The MSM constantly tries to brand conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party members as racist. They try to brand conservatives as redneck KKK members and religious fanatics. That doesn’t make sense because the KKK was started as a radical group within the Democratic Party. There are similar false and inaccurate talking points on every MSM outlet, constantly being repeated. Some gullible misinformed people start to believe it because it has been said so many times. The MSM can say anything over and over again. That does not make the statement true.

The left has found an ex-employee of Sarah and they are paying top dollar for a book that smears Sarah.  Truth and accuracy are not requirements for this book. Only false accusations, name calling, and branding to make Sarah look bad.

Is there anyone in the world that thinks Joe Biden is smarter than Sarah Palin? Now that we know how Obama performs, is there anyone in the world that can honestly say Obama is smarter than Sarah Palin?

See what Sarah Palin really is:

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