Cryptcl: Human Behavior Unknown to MSM and Progressives

I spend most of my days in shock at the sheer quantity, and poor quality of the MSM and the Progressives false accusations, blood libel, over the top vitriol, and nonsense rhetoric. Basic human behavior reveals that if you are lied to, and you find out the lie, you are angry and offended by the progressive liar. The next time you will not believe that progressive liar. At the current traffic rate of lies, I estimate that within about a year everyone who had listened to any of the progressive liars will be so fed up with their lies that they will not listen to any of them any more.

What’s strange is the progressives never seem to learn that they are destroying their own credibility every time they open their mouths telling lies. They have forgotten that it is not like the old days when all media was progressive and liberal slanted. Today there are web sources, radio stations, and cable news that don’t subscribe to the MSM progressive lie of the day. In most cases this new media has carefully and accurately done their due diligence to dispel all the progressive lies floating around. The new media will continue to dispel lies, and it is just going to get more difficult for those lying.

Once you lie you have lost your credibility and can never gain it back. This is basic human behavior that is surprisingly not understood by the MSM and progressives. It’s absolutely shocking that they don’t see their mistake.

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