Cryptcl: If I Was King of the World?

“I’m King of the World, and these are MY RULES.”
  • Single Item Bills: Single Item Bills (SIB). This impacts the fundamental basis for democratic bill negotiating. Not much to negotiate if every bill only has a single item. This also gives the electorate a complete item by item voting history on specific items by your Washington representatives. They cannot claim they voted for other pieces of pork and not the main item. The biggest problem with Congress is they create pork barrel bills. They start with a single item and it degrades into pork barrel stuffing contest. Whoever can cram the most pieces of pork into the bill wins. So now your politicians are voting for a bill for the one main item, but in order to get that one main item he has to accept 30 spending earmarks tacked on. I propose that all bills are a single item. No compromises, no earmarks, no political manuevering. You vote for the single item or not, based on the quality of the legislation and cut out all the political contortions. Each politician votes on the abilities  of the legislation to help America. As far as earmarks if you propose an expense or something the government needs to buy, put it in a SIB, and we will vote on it. If it has merit it will pass, if it doesn’t it will fail. We just vote on whatever item is in the SIB. yes? or no?. That’s it. Every politician can request additional votes on any additional bills they might want passed.   Negotiations for bills will occur in the front of the bill making process, at the definition of the bipartisan single item that will be voted on. A bipartisan team will create a list of problems to be solved, and then will define the item and all it’s components that will resolve those issues. Yes, it is bipartisan, both sides work together defining the item. At vote time everyone knows exactly what they are voting on.
  • Eliminate America’s Global Footprint: commit to demonstrating to the world how it would be when America isn’t there. Lets just see how things work out without the U.S. participation, involvement, and financing. Our mission statement will be “you run your country, and we’ll run ours”. Instead of America providing entitlements to other countries which de-motivates them from doing things themselves and just depending on America (just like unemployment benefits).
  • Close the UN: close down the UN in New York. America has spent enough on this organization that sucks up all our money, and then hates us. The world can move it to any where they want, and have it run and financed by whoever they want, we don’t care. America is burning her membership to the UN. You guys take the ball and go play somewhere else. We are not a global player for the next few decades. Other countries will no longer have their “global fraternity parties” at the expense of America.
  • Re-Privatize Industry: America immediately gets out of the car, insurance, and investment business. Any industry that was helped with funding must repay all that funding to the US government. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are a perfect example of the government screwing up the private sector by forcing faulty regulations on the home mortgage industry. US government needs to get out of mortgage business.
  • Healthcare Reform: First repeal Obamacare immediately, then begin a real bipartisan rewrite such that when its complete it will have the support of both parties. We want a bill that reduces costs, improves efficiency, takes advantage of technology, and workable to the health care workers involved. Health care workers should have a lot of input to improve things. Reform the Health Care Industry to serve Americans more efficiently and cheaper. More inter-state insurance provider competition, etc.
  • Medicare and Medicaid: government cannot unilaterally change doctors fee and pricing. Doctors must have important input and control of what fee decisions are made. Increase funding for Medicare and Mediciaid is required to make them solvent.
  • Drive-by-Wire (DBW) Cars: every car maker and every oil company must start considering electric cars as just another one of their products. One that will explode needing cars, charge stations, and infrastructure changes. I propose that all automakers scrap all new vehicle plans and instead produce only the new drive-by-wire cars. If all car makers only offer DBW cars then the public only buys DBW cars. Customers are going to love the advantages of a DBW car. This will be the future, in some cases its already the future (some makers already have their first drive-by-wire cars). This change from conventional gas powered vehicles to new electric DBW is inevitable. Just like going from horses to cars. DBW is the car technology we want in a future green world. It will reduce car costs, and remove polluting vehicles from the road. I expect that a true DBW car, once they are in production, I estimate that they should cost half of what todays cars cost. I have another post on this blog which describes DBW technology. You might want to take a look at it.
  • Privatize the Post Office: spin off the Post Office to private management. We can’t keep losing 8.5 billion dollars a year. Private industry could run it profitably. Let’s sell it to someone. The post office has never made a profit in the government sector and it probably never will.
  • Stop Foreign Aid: Cancel all foreign aid. The only aid America is going to provide is American aid. Countries will have to make other arrangements and be more self-sufficient for the next couple of decades. America’s pocket book is closed for a while.
  • Improve Mainland Military: Militarily we need to focus on building missile technology that can fire from mainland of America, Hawaii, or Alaska and hit a nickel anywhere in the world, with new super-long range technology (universal missile technology). The idea is that if we can thread a missile through a needle anywhere in the world from mainland America, we no longer need to support all those remote bases. We still have the Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force,  but the deployment of these of forces and their equipment should be less often with universal missile capability. We build enough different flavors, and ranges of missiles for any type of disturbance. We also build enough different drones to keep the peace around the world. This mainland missile capability should significantly reduce the need for American boots on the ground. America has to improve its network of satellites, and adding some new defensive and offensive satellite types to protect our nation as the need arises.
  • Leave S. Korea: pull troops out of S. Korea. Sorry S. Korea but you’ve had 4 decades to build your own defense capability and you haven’t done it. Start now, as America is pulling out and not protecting you with military bases. The same in Japan. The same in Germany. The same in any nation that a remote US Military base exists.
  • Say No: America becomes the country of NO!!!. We won’t, can’t, don’t want to be the worlds sugar daddy, mother, or rich uncle. Let EU, Russia, Saudi Arabia, or China do it, or no one does it. America doesn’t care anymore about anyone but ourselves. We only do what’s best for America.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan: We’re sorry but this is the best we can do in Iraq and Afghanistan. We gave them both the best chance to democratize, its time for us to leave. Democracy will not take hold if the people don’t want it or don’t care. Afghanistan is an ancient mindset that doesn’t belong in the 21st century, and it won’t go away, no matter what we do it will never be stable until the dark ages and the Taliban beheadings have been restored. They don’t want to live in the 21st century, so let them live in any of the dark ages for as long as they want. We will leave saying  “it’s been fun, thanks for the memories, your’re all on your own now, good luck”. Sort of what France did in Indochina.
  • Sell Military Protection: countries that want us to provide them some sort of military protection from other countries can purchase the services of the America Military for some very expensive prices. “Hey if you want the best, you have to pay for it.” If South Korea wants to retain our services for defensive purposes, then there will be appropriate compensation paid to America. “How much do you charge clients to protect their country from invasion ?”  S. Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan can hire the American military for various purposes but they have to pay for it. America no longer donates military free of charge. We sell and/or rent military power to those we consider allies.
  • American Charities: America’s handling of charities will be changed so the American government only supports those charities whose majority of charitable benefits and efforts are done to help American citizens. In other words, all the money we have been paying to help others, will now be used to help ourselves. Private citizens are free to donate to any charities they want. The only restriction is that the US government can only contribute money to domestic based charities.
  • Reduce Government Costs: the legislative branch, the judicial branch, the executive branch and all federal and state government branches will be decreased in size (# employees) by 15%. In addition all employees will have a 15% reduction in salaries and a 15% reduction in everyday benefits, and a 15% reduction in retirement benefits. If they don’t like it they can quit. Even with a 15% reduction, they will still be making more money than the private sector once you add up salaries and everyday/retirement benefits.
  • Secure Borders: the borders will be closed, sanctuary cities will revert to American cities again.  Everyone will follow the same laws. Any illegal alien engaged in criminal activity is deported immediately. No exceptions. I have a recommendation for immigration reform in another post on this blog. You might want to take a look at it. There needs to be comprehensive immigration reform,  but only once the borders are closed.
  • Downsize Government: the American government has to be downsized. Every department in every federal building will be downsized by 15%. It seems very feasible that some government agencies can move to the private sector. Useless agencies will dry up and disappear. The agencies that actually perform a needed service to the community will be successful in the private sector. All we need to do is put some effort into the conversion to the private sector and focus on workable business plans. The only federal agencies remaining will be those agencies that are for national security, printing money, gold reserves, and those specified in the Constitution (except postal). This means a significant movement of jobs from the government sector to the private sector. If this doesn’t help the economy enough, the government will do more to stimulate private sector investment and risk taking. This downsizing has to happen. The longer we wait the more government workers will be impacted to move over to the private sector. It’s pay me now, or pay me later when its even more expensive and difficult to do.
  • Community Service: We need to initiate a mandatory community service for all our citizens. Everyone will have to provide 2  years of part time employment (20 hours per week). Using the time to provide services free of charge to agencies that help America. This could also include military service. The person should be placed where their talents are best used for the citizens of America. The purpose of this community service is to have Americans helping other Americans. Lets make everyone’s life just a little bit better.
  • No Lifetime Appointments: all judgeships are no longer a life time appointment. There will be terms and term limits defined for Supreme Court or any other judges. Judges will follow new election rules that will be defined.
  • Congressional Term Limits: we will have term limits for every elected official. This includes Congress and all the state level governments. The number of terms allowed will probably be determined by the type of position involved. But Congress no longer gets lifetime jobs based on  the gerrymandering of congressional districts, instead we want to guarantee the electorates have more diverse representation.
  • Repeal DADT: allow homosexuals to openly serve in the military, government, and organizations throughout America. We are all adults here lets learn how to get along. Its time to get this behind us so we can focus on important issues in the military.
  • Support Civil Unions: there is no need to force current marriage which has both a civil and religious meaning to change. Let religious people keep their marriage as part of their religious practices. A civil union can be created, with the gay community specifying how it is defined. It can have all the same rules as marriage or have new rules all its own. In many cases I am not really sure the gay community would want all the same rules of marriage. Being responsible for the debts of your partner and being forced to pay alimony are just two examples of rules that the gay community may want to change. Adoptions by gay unions are completely acceptable and should be given the same right as traditional marriage. If someone has a sincere love of children and wants to adopt, no one should stand in the way of needy children if someone wants to and are financially able to handle it. This goes for single parents, gay unions, and traditional marriage. Rules and legalities of children might need to be adjusted because a gay relation does not always have a designated primary caretaker for the children.
  • Stay Out of It: regardless of the world’s global conflicts let other nations solve the problems. America stays out of it, for decades. Our motto will be “we’re sorry your country sucks, buts its not our fault, so man up, and fix your own problems”
  • Legalize medical marijuana in all 50 states: The only reason I am supporting this is that it will reduce prison crowding and judicial costs, and it will reduce power and profits of the Mexican drug cartels. They won’t be selling much pot anymore.
  • Reduce Abortions: provide excellent support and care for mothers during pregnancy and after birth. We want to encourage young mothers to have their baby, then either keep it (and get government help), or put it up for adoption. Young mothers will receive support through agencies to provide adoptive parents, food, shelter, transportation, and enough financial assistance to make it attractive for the mother to have and keep the baby. Abortions will still be legal in the first trimester only, but hopefully the need will be greatly reduced.
  • Congress is Broken: currently the legislative branch is too complicated. Too many options to delay, too many options to block, to many options to avoid, too many options to circumvent the voting process, etc. Serious modifications need to be made to the current congressional system. The whole point of Congress is to solve America’s problems and then pass the bills to implement the solution. The purpose of Congress is not to make one political party look better than another political party, or purchase voting blocks with PigFord Solutions or Dream Act bills designed to buy minority votes. Rework all congressional rules to focus on solving America’s problems effectively and efficiently and fair to all Americans.
  • No Sharia or Foreign Law: the legislative and judicial branches will not be allowed to use precedence from Sharia law or other countries laws that are not based on our constitution. Its trying to convert apples to oranges. Other law sources are not based on our system of liberties.
  • Ground Zero Mosque Moves: let the GZM move somewhere else. American’s do not accept the muslim attempt at praying over the site of ground zero. It will be used as a recruiting tool for terrorists, and it is used to smile and gloat about how stupid America is for letting it be built.
  • Arrest Lockerbee Bomber: pick him up and put him back in prison in Scotland where he belongs. Both the Scottish and British governments should make a public statement apologizing for being manipulated and terrorized by threats from Libya into releasing him.
  • Military Tribunals: all arrested terrorists will be tried using military law in military tribunals. These animals that smile about killing innocent men, women, and children do not deserve to be protected by American civil liberties. Let them be handled during war as spies against America, just as any covert operative would be. They are not uniformed soldiers fighting for a sovereign nation, and therefore do not qualify for the protection of the Geneva convention.
  • Stop Coddling Terrorist Prisoners: every terrorist will say he was tortured, say he was abused, say he was mistreated. It doesn’t mean he was. That’s in the Al Qaeda terrorist manual as a normal tactic when you are captured. No more surgical glove sanitation to hand someone a Koran. If you want it take it, if don’t want it for whatever reason then don’t take it. Forget this idea of culturally sensitive meals. We don’t provide that for all the other prisons in America. Why should these bastards get special treatment. Give them regular prison food and if they don’t want to eat it than don’t. We aren’t running a Hotel in Gitmo. These men are in prison for brutal violent crimes against innocent people. Lets treat them as the violent prisoners they are.
  • Firearms: American citizens are permitted to “open carry”  (clearly visible in plain site) registered firearms for personal protection. Applicants for “open carry” permits must have a significant amount of training. Somewhere between the 3 hours now given, and the training police receive. Maybe 3 weeks at night. This is not only gun operation, gun cleaning, when you can legally use it, when you can’t use it, proper carrying issues, exposed to unexpected things happening, and learning when to stay and fight with a weapon or when to use flight as your defense. A significant amount of range time will be required so each user is very comfortable with the weapon and so the user knows how to clear gun jams quickly and properly. Rifles for hunting will remain as they do today. “I mean the only rule for rifles is don’t shoot anything that’s bright orange, right ?”
  • Force A Mature Media: impose a new news model for all media. Currently it’s a circus, nobody is following any rules. The journalistic rules define how media presents a fair and balanced report. One that will penalize those who name call, or make accusations without any evidence to support it. All news reported and facts reported need to have supporting evidence.  You can’t just repeat a story that some media outlet put out. You must verify and vet all reports. That is mandatory journalistic integrity. When news reports occur all sides must be presented fairly be all media. Opinion columns and opinion shows on TV and radio are acceptable providing everyone knows that it is opinion based and not hard fact.
  • Flat Tax: change taxation to a flat tax. How much money is needed to run the government determines the flat tax. No deductions, no reimbursements, a common flat percentage of everyone’s income is calculated so its enough to pay at minimum this one years bills and to keep American Budget solvent.  No loopholes, no offshore hidden accounts. If you make your living as part of America’s economy you pay American taxes, period. Don’t care what country you claim to live in.
  • POTUS Etiquette 101: Americans who have held position of POTUS, are restricted from trash talking, defaming, and name calling of other POTUS’s.
  • POTUS Etiquette 102: When a POTUS is impeached he should resign and pass the responsibilities to VP, etc. The purpose of an impeachment vote is to demonstrate a lack of support by the legislature because of some POTUS crime.  If a crime has been committed then the POTUS needs to step down. He has violated his oath of office.
  • Integrity of Election Polls: A complete rework of all voting equipment, all polling procedures, and all polling sites must be changed to properly collect all ballots within the allotted time frame TBD. No more debacle like ballots from the trunk of a car, etc. The integrity of the whole voting system needs to be improved.
  • Congressional and POTUS Bribery is Unacceptable: during the voting process for Obamacare, Obama openly and brazenly offered bribes for votes. I don’t know what they do in Chicago, but POTUS and Congress can’t allow a 300 million bribe to be offered to Louisiana for a single vote to pass Obamacare. The POTUS is offering my tax money as a bribe to pass Obamacare, when myself and the majority of Americans are obviously against it passing. Where did POTUS gain the right to promise that 300 million dollar bribe?
  • Legislature Voting on the Bill: it is no longer acceptable for any bill to reach the vote stage unless every member of legislature has read it and/or been read by staff analysts. All members must take on oath that either they have read the bill or their staff has analyzed its complete content and presented that summary to the legislator, and they are not being pressured or bribed into voting one way or the other. Completely enforce that each vote is based on the quality of the bill to improve America. Vote for the right reasons, not strictly for political reasons.
  • People’s Treaty Referendum: in all cases where the US is making major decisions of relationships with other countries (NAFTA, START, Climate Change?) it is the responsibility of the administration to provide a referendum that American citizens can vote on the pass or fail of the treaty. Once the vote occurs then administration officials can inform the electorate of the decision they are choosing and why. The referendum is voted on so that the politicians know how the American citizens feel about a certain treaty. The government does not have to follow the citizen choice, but in most cases I think they probably will agree with their citizens. The purpose of this referendum is to prevent some US official from agreeing to some Climate Change policy that the majority of the people don’t want.
  • Improve National Dialog: It’s time for the citizens of America to focus on improving the communication and dialogs between segments of the society. There’s too much name calling, too many false accusations, media outlets have been the worst, too much false information, too much slander and libel, and too many different partisan agendas. Citizens with liberty can disagree, but with respect and as adults. We can all agree we are responsible for the nation we pass on to our children.
  •  Idiot Savants: Tolerance. Remember, everyone is an “Idiot Savant” in their own right. They’re an “idiot” about some things, and “savant” about other things. One thing that America does “is always look to the future”. Many countries focus on the past, viewed as “glory days”, distorting the past, presenting a warped picture of how important and righteous there tribe was in history. A constantly revised and reviewed past only brings anger, animosity, and divides us. America has always been a mixture of diverse tribes that look to the future. A successful future brings everyone satisfaction, hope and unifies us.
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