Cryptcl: Immigration Solution?

The American immigration debacle reveals more than 2 decades of governmental neglect, avoidance, and political paralysis of border enforcement. This neglect has permitted almost 12 million unknown, unvetted, and unidentified immigrants to enter our country illegally. Most of these immigrants are living in the shadows, finding whatever work they can to support their families both here and back in Mexico. Lets be honest, any chosen population of any demographic group contains hard working family supporters, criminal elements, gang membership, and active drug dealers for the Mexican Drug Cartels.
 The reality is that America needs to define a process whereby America can refuse the immigrants we don’t want and retain the immigrants we do want. It is long past individual citizens whining and complaining of how this situation happened. Regardless of our governments lack of immigration enforcement, I sincerely believe that this migration was the product of the horrible conditions in Mexico. If I was a family living in Mexico, I would undoubtedly cross the border to look for a better life for me and my family. The issue is what do we do now that their all here.

The first step is to seal the border. Whatever is needed to stop the illegal migration across the border needs to be done. This will take some effort. The reality is that we cannot attempt to process any immigrants until the illegal flow has been stopped. The reason is if we make any decisions that appear to be beneficial to the immigrants then the flood across the border will become a tsunami. No decisions are made, no steps are started until the border is sealed.

The second step is to identify who is here and process them appropriately. We need to create an immigrant registration program whereby we can get those working in the shadows to voluntarily identify themselves. We need to provide a means of registering illegal immigrants. We need to ask  how are you supporting yourself and your family? How long have you been in this country? Who are the family members you support? Do you wish to participate in a program that will eventually lead to legal immigration and possibly future American citizenship? This registration will not cause you to be deported from America unless your are involved in illegal activities. Anyone involved in illegal activities is deported immediately. Anyone who is an honest working immigrant supporting his family will be classified under a new “migrant worker” class of registration. This registration process has two major impacts. We know who is here criminally because they will not register. Those who are honest workers will register. Those who are involved in criminal activity will not register. We have a mass registration over a certain period of time. Once the registration time ends, anyone not registered is considered unqualified to stay in America and when confronted by law enforcement will be deported to their country of origin. Those considered qualified to stay in America will then begin a process permitting temporary worker status. Registered immigrants are considered legal workers in the American economy and are permitted to seek out employment as needed. Employers can sponsor registered immigrants to work in their companies. The end result is that everyone who needs work hopefully will find work throughout the country and the employers who sponsor them can register these employees in a government database. The employers are in effect saying “I support this individual as an honest hardworking member of society”. It is expected and hoped that most hispanic owned companies will put extra effort into helping sponsor as many registered immigrants as possible. Those immigrants who do not find immediate employment will be on a nationally available list that employers can view to select these immigrants. Anyone charged or convicted of any crimes both in America or in Mexico are disqualified from being on the sponsor list and will be deported to their home country immediately, no exceptions.

The third step is to integrate these workers into the American workforce. Proper registration for taxes, insurance (car etc.), finding proper living arrangements (rent or buy), car ownership (rent or buy). The American government will be charged with trying to help these registered immigrants integrate as painlessly as possible. This means help with finding employment, transportation, and a home, etc. These immigrant workers will receive the same pay as native workers. Employers are not permitted to abuse these immigrants with slave wages. They are legal employees that are treated the same as any other employee.

The forth step is to open the opportunity for permanent residence status and eventually citizenship. This will be a very lengthy process. These registered immigrants will not be given any special treatment. These registered immigrants broke the law and entered our country illegally. They will not be rewarded for their crimes.  They can however petition the government for permanent status or citizenship by entering the standard immigration process and waiting as all other immigrants do. They will be placed at the end of the line and will receive consideration by the normal process of America immigration when it is their turn in the line. This process could take decades for some just to get considered for permanent resident status or citizenship. While waiting on this line they will be registered immigrants who support their families and pay their taxes as do all Americans. I am certain that some applicants will be rejected for permanent residence and citizenship for various issues and problems. Hopefully, after years of waiting some might see their dream of American citizenship come true. Regardless, this entire process is the best America can do in this difficult situation. Naturally any criminal activity will immediately result in deportation. America must solve this illegal immigrant problem with understanding and fairness. It will not be acceptable if the illegal immigrants are taking hundreds of thousands of jobs away from other American citizens. Wage equality is therefore a major issue.

I don’t know if this is the best solution. There are lots of details that need to be worked out. I honestly believe that America needs to stand up now and clean up the mess. Border sealing and Registration will weed out a certain percent of the unwanted and normal immigrant processing should weed out the rest of the unwanted. This will be a long lengthy process but hopefully America will be a little bit richer in the process for the new citizens we absorb.

One other issue that needs to be addressed. These immigrants will work in the U.S.. They cannot become hostages in partisan politics. The American government, a bipartisan organization, will deal with the issues without any expectations of eventual partisan voting affiliation. Congress needs to stop thinking like politicians, and start thinking like liberators. We are liberating a “shadow” population from their self-imposed and government forced invisibility.

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