Cryptcl: Islam A Peaceful Religion

If someone says to me that Islam is a religion of peace, I suggest they move to Saudi Arabia and get a first-hand taste of their peaceful society. Saudi Arabia is a very peaceful place if you are not female, not homosexual, not a non-believer (infidel), not a Christian, not a Jew, not a Hindu, not a Buddhist, not an evangelical Christian, not a Mormon, not a Shintu, and not of Arabian descent. Only if you are a devoted servant of Allah practicing the Islamic faith everyday in every way through the Quran, and the local mosque, and the current Imams, will you receive any peace. One look at the basic tenants of Islam will explain exactly how peaceful the Islamic world is. Islam is built on and taught by what is in the Quran. It lists the do’s and don’t’s of your daily life. Muslims are demanding tolerance of Islam in America. How can a religion so intolerant expect the tolerance of other religions.
In Islam an infidel, non-believer in Allah, should not socialize with Muslims. An infidel has only three choices in Islamic society. 1) Become a second class citizen (Dhimmi) that pays taxes to first class citizen Muslims. 2) Convert to Islam. 3) Be put to death. Those are the only choices to a non-Muslim. Naturally, most citizens choose conversion instead of constant discrimination or death. That’s the plan, force everyone to the same set of beliefs held by and under strict control of the current Imams or local leaders of the Islamic faithful. There are no other houses of worship in Saudi Arabia because they are not allowed. The 2 holiest Muslim cities, Mecca and Medina, only allow access to Muslims. Non-Muslims are not even permitted entry into those cities. There is no distinction between government and church. It’s the same as both are mandated to support Sharia law together. Sharia law is the most brutal, cruel, and inhumane set of laws, constituting a leap back in human history to the tyrants and Islamic leaders of the 700’s when the Islamic caliphate was at it’s pinnacle of power in the world. Virtually any crime can be a death sentence. Adultery, improper women’s dress, going to a “topless” bar, gambling, usery (lend money with interest), stealing, drinking intoxicating beverages, or speaking dishonorably of a “good” muslim can easily get you an amputation of hand and opposite foot, lashes, beheading, or stoning to death. Depends on the mood of the Immam. Any muslim that kills non-muslims is not charged with a crime but praised as a “holy” soldier fighting for Allah. It’s OK to kill non-muslims, it says so in the Quran. If a practicing muslim converts to another religion (Christianity), he will be sentenced to death.

You cannot speak negatively about Islam or Mohammed or Allah. You cannot question Islam, Mohammed, or Allah. If you speak negatively or question, you will be sentenced to death. If you draw a physical image of Mohammed or Allah, you will be sentenced to death. Their are good muslims and bad muslims. A good muslim follows all the strick daily behaviors as illustrated in the Quran. This includes how to dress, what to eat, how and when to pray (5 times a day), who you can socialize with, what you can speak, think, and having the proper posture during prayer sessions. Everything you do, say, eat, drink, and dream, must follow the laws (suras) of the Quran. Any straying from the word of the Quran can be fatal. In defense of the Quran and Islam, any good muslim can kill any bad muslim or infidel for breaking the Quran’s rules. If you die in defense of Islam (jihad) you will be rewarded handsomely in heaven. The Islamic society, much like Nazi Germany’s SS, has eyes and ears everywhere, watching, and waiting to report infractions to Islamic elders. Members of a mosque carefully watch and judge other members to maintain Islamic/governmental control of the individual.

Yes it is a very peaceful society as everyone everywhere is afraid to do anything. Just keep your head down, follow the masses, be a “good” little Muslim, and you’ll be OK. No problem here, move along.

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