Cryptcl: Jihad Joe: Allahu Akbar! What Fools These Americans Be

My name is Jihad Joe and I am a soldier for Allah and an enemy of America. I am a home grown terrorist born, raised, and trained as a radicalized American Muslim.  I have the unconditional support of my local Imam and mosque. I am a Muslim who believes Muslims should not socialize with non-Muslims. I don’t trust, respect, or care about non-Muslims. They are unclean, godless, and whores who deserve to die. I am focused on Jihad and attacking the Americans of the Great Satan. I have all the types of Jihad at my disposal. More info on the types of Jihad visit “Types of Jihad” post on this blog.

I believe in complete submission to Islam, Allah, Mohammad, and the Koran. Western laws and false religions have no meaning in my life. This includes personal submission to all the laws of the Koran and Sharia Law. Good Muslims commit to Sharia Law, strict rules and laws of personal conduct, to pay penance to Allah and to place themselves in a moral framework of submission that reveals the difference between good Muslims and immoral godless non-Muslims. The so-called freedoms and liberties under which non-Muslims live,  is really blasphemy and moral decadence that destroys the nonbeliever. They become unclean. godless, and these violations guarantee that a non-believers death can only result in an eternity in Hell. Muslims know there true allegiance and submission lies with Mohammad, Allah, the Koran, and the Imams in the local mosque. Islam does not believe in free will. They believe in tightly managed will that to non-Muslims seems too harsh. It’s all matters, if you were raised from youth as a Muslim or not. Islam indoctrinates the young and impressionable, and focus their life down narrow paths of strict laws and adherence to those laws.

These Americans are weak, foolish, selfish, greedy, and childish in their acceptance and trust in unknown strangers. I will use teenagers, young children, and women to further expose, confuse, and brutalize the soft underbelly of American culture. We have lots of supporters on the left that are “useful idiots” that will defend and protect our rights to do what we want to do. They are currently helping us build the Ground Zero Mosque our Cordoba Mosque in the west. What an Islamic PR victory demonstrating how weak these Americans are. These Americans don’t understand how cruel, brutal, and violent Muslims are. You’d think they would have learned that already. In Iraq, where we killed tens of thousands of Muslims, because they were easier to attack than the American soldiers. We don’t care who dies in an attack. We only care that the world is increasingly terrorized by the sensationalized reporting of the attacks by the media. Daily news cycles is just another weapon handed to Muslims to fight for Allah.

Living in America I have freedom of religion, speech, to assemble peacefully, to buy and carry guns, and many more. Muslims can use all these rights and freedoms to further our goal of global Islamic domination. With the advantages of these freedoms and liberties Islam can practice “taqiyya” (intentional deception of non-Mulims), conspire and plan terrorist attacks in the mosque, away from the prying eyes and ears of the foolish, naive, and weak American criminal justice system. If I am arrested or brought to the police station I only need to say 1 word to neutralize and eliminate their efforts to question or investigate me. That word is “lawyer”. Once said, they can no longer even ask me questions. I can also claim freedom of religion and free speech to justify anything I have said or done.

What fools these Americans be. Their ignorance, freedoms, liberties, and their belief that all Americans are equal will be their undoing. They have provided our Jihad with all the tools to succeed,  and prevented themselves uncovering a majority of all the terrorist attacks that are planned for the United States. We can inflame our brothers in jihad in their native tongue, while presenting English versions for the west that are “saying what Americans want to hear”. Things like we are “peaceful,  tolerant of others, abhor violence, Jihad means struggle not war against non-Muslims, and do not condone Jihad attacks”. These “useful idiots” actually believe that Muslims speak the truth and can be trusted. No non-Muslim can ever trust what a Muslim tells him. Muslims are trained to lie about the true intentions of Islam. These naive Americans have provided Muslims with all the tools we need to destroy non-Muslims.

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