Cryptcl: Krugman: Conservative Views About Debt Ceiling Should Be Censored From News Reports


Krugman complains that the media coverage of the debt ceiling and financial issues of the last few weeks has been “too fair and balanced”. He said: conservative views should be left out of the media coverage and news reports. Spoken like a true liberal progressive elite socialist journalist squashing all dissenting and opposing viewpoints. I think this Nobel Laureate has been living on top of the narcissist mountain too long. It might be useful to come down from your gilded journalistic throne and see how the real world lives. You might be surprised.

The Tea Party commoners are well informed, serious about austerity, more concerned about the country than any partisan politics, and have every intention on expanding their power to include the Senate and POTUS. The runaway irresponsible taxing and spending stops now, and more fiscal conservative policies are going to be implemented to get us out of this mess. It can include severe spending cuts, reduction of waste and fraud across all government agencies and entitlements, downsizing governmnent, renegotiating public unions and employees excessive compensation and benefits, removal of duplicate functionality, and serious entitlement reform to make Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security sustainable as soon as possible.

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