Cryptcl: Masters of Deception

Note: image above is there as a good image for my post’s topic. I am unfamiliar with this video and am not endorsing it in any way whatsoever.

In the current volatile political climate it is essential that voters realize that it does not matter what Obama says (speeches, speeches, and more speeches), talks about, or promises. The only thing that matters is what he and his administration DOES. His guys Rahm E.(has left for Chicago), David A.(is leaving for Chicago), Larry Summers (back to academia), and Carol Browner(back to academia), Van Jones (proud communist), Anita Dunn(to academia, favorite political philosopher’s are Mother Theressa and Mao Tse Tung), Valerie Jerreett (staying), Robert Gibbs (staying) and all are political operatives that think they can fool all the voters all the time. They are proud of their ability to distract, misinform, misrepresent, pay-for-play, bribe, lie, and manipulate the voters. To them, American voters are no more than ignorant groups of sheep, waiting to be led by a silver tongued devil.

To illustrate how misdirection is used, simply look at all the campaign promises made by Obama. He made all the promises to all different groups in the electorate to get votes. To my knowledge he has broken every single campaign promise already, and only made those promises to fool the voters. All the while knowing that those promises mean nothing to him, and would be ignored once he had the “power”.

That’s the type of guy Obama is, a liar, a manipulator, and a socialist ideologue. Remember when “joe the plumber” asked him if he was socialist ? Without batting an eye he said no and laughed for even being asked the question. Joe the plumber was unfairly caste by the MSM as a deluded ignorant right-winger. Does anyone believe he’s not a socialist now ? He’s taken over banks, financial lenders, and the automotive business. His sights are set on health care industry. Also ACORN, SEIU, AFL-CIO, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, NYTimes, WaPo, Time, and Newsweek are his lapdogs, commanded to do anything and everything he wants. None of these organizations can be trusted.

As Rahm believes, creating crisis’, overloading everyone’s plate with economy, health care, cap and trade, stimulus, tarp, bail outs, poor unemployment numbers, all taken together will confuse the public. That out-of-control confusion can be manipulated to sneak passed unread legislation (cap and trade, stimulus, Obamacare) that will forward their socialist agenda.

One good note is that David A. has completely misintepreted the huge 9/12 Demonstration in D.C.. He actually believes that most American’s don’t feel this way about our out-of-control government . He could not be more wrong !

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