Cryptcl: More of the Left’s New Civility: Death Threats, Name Calling, Stupidity, and Ignorant Nonsense.

Do As We Say, Not As We Liberal Progressive Democrats Do. Progressive pro-union demonstrators have reached the zenith of stupidity and nonsense. Besides the ignorant nonsense they say, now their protest signs don’t make any sense either.

Death Threats Source:

Why are Democrats losing elections? According to Democrats the electorate is too stupid to understand their Intellectually Sophisticated Liberal Progressive Policies. When losing elections, name calling the voters stupid, unsophisticated, Neanderthals, is probably not the best approach to attract new voters.

Another example of these policies is the “run and hide like little girls strategy in WI”. I don’t know about you, but I find it inspirational and motivating watching highly paid politicians run and hide like little girls in another state to avoid a democratic vote. Yep, very impressive strategy?
Instead they say we need a revolution changing democracy to Marxism (excellent choice since Marxism has worked so well elsewhere). Can you believe this nonsense? Through online access and cable TV Americans are exposed to more information, political views, and are more informed than they ever before.

Marxist Revolution Source:

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