Cryptcl: MSNBC Makes Up The News Thats Fit To Print

On “Morning Joe” statements are made that Obama is more “hawkish” than Bush, more “charming” than Bush, and better than Bush at “carrying out” his policies.

It’s amazing and entertaining to sit back and watch this intentional partisan deception of the America public by the MSM.

You can consider the recent months passed, and the months to come, as the start of the Obama election campaign by the MSM. Don’t worry America, everything is great, ignore the man behind the curtain, and lets re-elect Obama.

When I heard the statements above I thought it was a joke. Obama is not a hawk, has never been a hawk, and will never be a hawk. As far as carrying out policies, the Obama Administration does not tell anyone what their policies are, and their actions seem to contradict any statements that have been made by the Administration. Charm is in the eye of the beholder, and of course the MSM think Obama is charming. Not sure how to quantify charming in this administration’s scorecard. This is just another example of MSM spinning and carrying water for the Democratic administration. Notice that the MSM is not complaining about our active involvement in the Libyan rebellion. Obama has brought us into a third war without justifying our involvement, without informing the voters or Congress of the exit strategy, and declaring war and deploying resources without the consent of Congress. But hear that “Deafening Silence”? That’s the MSM ignoring mistakes, blindly accepting anything from the administration, spinning facts to support Obama, and gushing inaccurate complements to make Obama seem better than he really is.
MSNBC also reported how, though unusual, Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. He was barely in the WH a few months, absolutely no track record for peace, and even though his administration was fighting 2 wars already, he now has added Libya as the third. Libya means Obama cannot claim he’s anti-war. I guess Nobel Prizes and Oscar Awards are politically based “atta boys” for liberal, progressive, Democrats only.Hell they gave an Oscar for Best Documentary for Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” even though there were nine major factual errors. The Oscars also gave Michael Moore an Oscar for Best Documentary for “Fahrenheit 911” which was an election year partisan political one-sided misrepresentation of America’s response to the 9/11 attacks. It only received an Oscar for political reasons in an election year. Now add in Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, and these awards are starting to make sense.
See they have mis-awarded Oscars and Nobel Prizes such that the majority of American’s know that it is purely global politics that determines the winners. And as such, a conservative will probably never receive one. That’s OK. Conservatives never see eye to eye with Hollywood or Europe anyway. Conservatives are not going to change their values for a stupid award or prize.


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