Cryptcl: Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and ISNA in America, forcing the spread of Islam and Sharia Law

Here are some issues to think about when looking into Islam.
  • origin of Muslim Brotherhood is from admiration of Hitler and designed to start groups to acheive global Muslim dominance.
  • Muslim Brotherhood, ISNA, CAIR are intentionally deceptive when communicating with the english speaking west.
  • if you want to know what Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and ISNA are really doing. Listen to the accurate english translations of all written material and speeches by Imams and members of these groups. It is obvious their purpose and attitude toward non-Muslims. Their only goal is to destroy or convert all non-muslims in America to an Islamic state and to Sharia Law.
  • freedoms are not wanted by these people. They like bondage in Islamic society.
  • you cannot trust a Muslim. They are trained to lie to non-Muslims.
  • all Muslim groups are window dressing for terror organizations
  • never believe what they say, only watch what they do
  • Islam is a theocracy. Citizens are forced to obey whatever the religious elders and Imams say.
  • Islam is not a religion of peace.
  • Islam is not a religion of tolerance.
  • An Islamic state follows Islamic law and Sharia Law. Religion and the State are one.

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