Cryptcl: NYC Must Charge Dept.of Sanitation Union Bosses with Negligent Homicide

Just heard about the situation in NY City, where sanitation department union bosses instructed workers to “work slowdown”.  These bastards were upset because there were demotions, pay reductions, and budget reductions in the sanitation department. So they decided to order their union members too work slowly in snow removal and street cleanups as a protest to the downsizing by the New York City. Putting lives in jeopardy.

Slowing down snow removal and street cleanup is the absolute nastiest and worst thing you could do to the citizens of New York. The did a work slowdown and then did clearing with their bulldozer with raised collectors. The raised collectors were ordered to require a double pass on the street and to intentionally cause overtime. The overtime was supposed to be a protest complaining that the state made cuts too deep in the sanitation department. So far it has been confirmed there are 2 deaths and 1 newborn baby due to the inability of ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars to access portions of New York. The “slowdown” intentionally put peoples lives in danger because union bosses are greedy, corrupt, and selfish.

Whomever instructed the sanitation workers to “slow down” must be fired without any severance package, without any retirement package, without any medical benefits, and then they should be charged with negligent homicide related to the deaths and other charges related to its impacts on the city. If these individuals are not handled in the harshest manner, no one will understand how seriously corrupt their actions were. The union and its benefits do not come before the lives of the taxpayers paying their over-inflated salaries, benefits, and other greedy union negotiated entitlements.

Those individuals whom reported the union slowdown should be rewarded for coming forward. They could have saved lives by taking the severe risk of their own jobs by speaking out against the union.

Once again a group of union bosses have proved their entitlements are more important to them then the citizens that count on the job performance and services. They are all corrupted and all need to be replaced, and New York City should have all union contracts renegotiated. Current union contracts have been negotiated with far too many entitlements for the unions, since politicians want that union block of votes. These contracts were not negotiated with the benefit of the citizens and taxpayers in mind. They are simply union treasure and power grabs.

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