Cryptcl: Only Real Conservative Republicans Can Win in 2012

The GOP is in a special place. If they play their cards right they can control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency in 2012. All the GOP needs to do is to nominate and support real social and fiscal conservatives for the highest offices in the land. This does not mean it has to turn its back on all non-conservative policies. It is perfectly fine for the GOP and Tea Party to support and include GOProud as part of the Republican party. Same sex relationships exist, and its inevitable they are going to become legal regardless of who approves and doesn’t approve. But generally the Tea Party will be presenting social and fiscal conservatives for office. RINOs cannot get elected in 2012 due to the anger by the Tea Party.

Yes there are gay conservatives. Just like there are heterosexual liberals. One’s sexual orientation does not influence all other beliefs the individual has. Republicans need to be conservative to win the election but that does not mean forcing everyone into a single viewpoint of what a Republican really is. Right now we have Republicans of the moderate GOP (which can’t win a national election), the Tea Party (which can win a national election), and GOProud (which wants a Republican to win). But if the Republican party nominates a RINO, like John McCain or Mitt Romney, the result will be the same as in 2008. Because of the conservative Tea Party growth, moderate Republicans or GOP cannot win a national election. John McCain proved that. Only true conservative candidates can win national elections for the Republicans.

So in this election cycle, Republicans are looking for a conservative president and conservative vice-president. That is the only combination that can win. Between the GOP moderates and the Tea Party a compromise to only run true conservatives will determine the result of the election before that voting even starts. The Tea party is getting bigger and stronger everyday. Any GOP moderates that attack the competence of the Tea Party on any level are just making it easier for Democrats. The Democrats want infighting between GOP and Tea Party. They need to divide Republicans to win.

The Tea Party is the new conservative base of engaged and energized voters who can bring home the win for the Republicans. Republicans, GOP, and Tea Party, need to do what is best for the party and forget their own personal agendas. The Republicans must win the Senate and the presidency. The only way to make that happen is to nominate real conservatives representing the Republican party. The movement of the country politically is to the right over the past decade, and it will continue for years to come.

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