Cryptcl: POTUS, Democrats, DNC, Organizing For America, and Teachers Demand Excessive Union Benefits, Screw the Bankrupt Governments and Screw The Majority Of Taxpayers

Fire Wisconsin legislators who illegally hid in Illinois!
Fire Wisconsin teachers participating in “illegal sickout”!
Fire Wisconsin teachers illegally attending demonstrations!
Fire Wisconsin teacher’s using fraudulent doctor’s notes!

The Obama administration and the Democratic party have positioned themselves as an obstacle to cost cutting on the federal and the state levels. Obama, the DNC, Organizing for America, public unions, and the Democrats have chosen to support the unions at the cost of and instead of the American taxpayer. They are collectively organizing union demonstrations and “sick outs” around the country. This is perhaps one of the worst decisions by Democrats in 2 years of bad decisions by the Obama administration. At least their consistent. Every major decision made during the Obama presidency has been the wrong decision and the White House has become the lapdog of public and private unions, and the extreme left  in America. They are ignoring the majority of American taxpayers.

Today 14 Democrats didn’t show up in the Wisconsin state legislature to avoid a vote modifying Teachers unions benefits, retirement, and health care costs. My god, the Wisconsin administration was actually going to ask the teachers to monetarily contribute to their own retirement and health care costs. Instead of how it is now, where only non-union taxpayers pay for these Teacher’s entitlements. The unions are bankrupting our state and federal governments, and they are so selfish and greedy they are unwilling to admit that compared to private sector workers they are overpaid (salaries average anywhere from $89,000.00 to $100,000.00), have had excessive retirement benefits (as much as 90% of last working salary paid in full by the taxpayer), and excessive health care benefits (paid in full by the taxpayer), and having all these entitlements for decades. They have been living in a “union bubble” fantasy land and the new economic realities are starting to reveal the outrageous, selfish, and arrogance of a whole generation of union bribes for democratic votes and donations. They are spoiled rotten. Besides the fact the Democratic legislatures are illegally avoiding a vote, today 1100 teachers in Wisconsin illegally pulled a “sickout” as a wildcat strike, and some even brought their students to make the crowd seem greater at the Wisconsin capital building demonstration. The kids didn’t even know why they were there.

A link to the new civility of Democrat Union Educators:

Possible Solution to Lack of Democrats for Vote? A Republican legislator could say they are switching parties to the Democratic Party and register as a Democrat. The votes could be held with all Republicans and one Democrat voting to pass the union busting bill. After the vote, that one new Democrat can switch parties back to being registered as a Republican.

POTUS said governors demonizing public union members is unjustifiable. Unjustifiable? First off it is illegal for the Democrats to prevent a vote by having none show up for it. For a valid vote at least 1 democrat must be present. They knew they would lose so they are hiding in Illinois like children, even though it would help the state and the majority of taxpayers to participate. They hid in neighboring Illinois to avoid Wisconsin police. It is illegal for public employees to strike, and still the Teachers would selfishly rather “sick out” on the citizens of Wisconsin, then pay their fair share for their own entitlements that everybody in the private sector pays twice as much for. Does anyone actually believe that unions over decades of coercion and conspiracy with Democrats have been treated unfairly. For decades they have been draining dry the American taxpayer, and they expect the American taxpayer to sympathize with their “unfair treatment”. Its like having a union full of Paris Hiltons, Lindsay Lohans, and Nicole Richies as members complaining their yearly allowance isn’t big enough. What arrogance and selfishness. What an insult to the American hardworking taxpayer.

Placing the unions ahead of the majority of private sector taxpayers will be the doom of the Democratic Party, public union members, and Obama. I estimate out of the Democrats who hid, the vast majority will be defeated the next election. The Tea Party will grow bigger in Wisconsin and have more power. An anti-Democrat movement will increase in the country and elections on the state and federal levels will tilt more to the conservatives. The unions are bleeding the governments dry, and they refuse to stop. When governments need to cost cut, they always turn to the ones who have the most, public union members, and ask them for additional contribution to the system. Today Democrats and public unions employees, just made enemies of the majority of taxpayers.

For years the Democrats have let the public unions have whatever they want to buy their democratic votes. Thats what Democrats do, they buy votes with your taxpayer dollar. Promised them everything they wanted, and then gave it to them. Always under the strong arm tactics of coercion with “possible sickouts”. The fact that the Teachers took a sickout today demonstrates that the children’s education is not their priority. Lining their own pockets with wages, entitlements, and tenure are their priority. For some reason they think they are entitled to have the majority of taxpayers, the private sector, pay for all their entitlements and the public unions don’t have to pay for anything.

To demonstrate just how out of control public unions have become, here’s a little known fact. In New York City a public servant union garbageman has a salary of $144,000.00 per year plus all the great free retirement and health care packages he can handle. Something is very wrong with this form of outrageous compensation. The public unions need to have all their benefits and salaries renegotiated. If they don’t like that, then they can quit. It’s time to stop this unfair bleeding of the majority of American taxpayers.

One more important thing, the education system in America rates almost dead last out of all the developed nations in the world. That is what the Teacher’s Unions, and the Teachers have provided for the American taxpayer. Job incompetence, with maximum salaries and benefits. In this case we don’t get what we paid for. Lets determine teachers salaries and benefits based on the education rating among the top 30 developed countries. At least then we would get what we payed for.

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