Cryptcl: Progressives: Islamophobia Bad, Christophobia Good

The progressives in this country are encouraging their own anti-Christian (Christophobia) jihad, while at the same time promoting a pro-Islam campaign. It is very interesting that the so-called sophisticated and worldly progressives are always on the side of Islam, and always against the Christian Church.

The issues include:

  • Islam: support any arrested or accused Islamist extremist terrorists with legal and media support
  • Islam: complain of mistreatment of Islamist extremist prisoners by U.S. military, following the Al Qaeda Manual which instructs captives to constantly complain of mistreatment.
  • Christian: show disrespect for the Christian religion whenever possible
  • Islam: show respect for Islamic religion whenever possible
  • Islam: to have these positive opinions of Islam means they have obviously never read the Qu’ran. Otherwise they would know the violent and discriminatory nature of it’s suras.
  • Islam: progressives rely on the pro-Islam anecdotal comments of Imams or the huge selection of pro-Islamic books available. The vast majority of these books present interpretations of Islam as a religion of peace that is tolerant of other religions. These interpretations are completely incorrect.
  • Islam: has no tolerance for other religions, infidels, homosexuals, women, or western civilization in general.
  • Islam: Muslims want to live in a 700 AD society with tyrannical control of women, homosexuals, and infidels, and tyrannical control of practicing Muslims.
  • Islam: Even a quick read of the Qu’ran will demonstrate that infidels are second class citizens who cannot be business partners, friends, or trusted. The infidels can be taxed as “dhimmi” second class citizens, and can be lied to in the name of Islam, and killed “wherever you find them”
  • Islam: This 700 AD culture supports a barbaric sharia law that promotes opposite hand-foot amputations, beheading, flogging, stoning, and all these penalties are decided on the whim of the local Imam. The Imam has some guidelines, but he is also free to increase punishments whenever he deems appropriate.
  • Islam: woman are home-bound, intentionally uneducated, are only homemakers, must always be accompanied by a male relative when out of the home, and must be completely covered when in public
  • Islam: beating your wife is fine, if deemed needed by the husband to get her head straight about what he wants
  • Islam: honor killings are allowed when any Muslim feels his family’s honor has been betrayed by either family members, or others outside of the family
  • Islam: Muslims are encouraged to lie to anyone at anytime in the support of Islam. No wonder there are so many poor book interpretations of the Qu’ran.
  • Islam: other religions are not tolerated in Islam. All members of non-Islamic religions and atheists are infidels.  Currently, Saudi Arabia has 0 non-Islamic churches, and prevents access to the cities of Mecca and Medina to non-Muslims. The city of New York has over 100 mosques along with all the other thousands of different denomination of churches.
  • Islam: a person born to a Muslim father is by birth a Muslim. If he or she changes religion to anything non-Muslim, it is fine to kill them. President Obama would be killed if Muslims ruled the world
  • Islam/Christianity: Muslims can build a mosque overlooking 9/11 ground zero, but Christians are not allowed Christmas trees or Christian religious symbols in the public square, and in some cases not on some private property.
  • Christianity: progressives declare that Christianity has been an evil and violent component of society for thousands of years. Yet, throughout all history, if you add up all the deaths due to Christianity, Islam, and Atheists you will find that Christianity has shed the least amount of blood of all three. Significantly less bloodshed.
  • Islam: the Islamic violence that occurs in Muslim countries is rarely reported to western civilization. This means the no news is not good news but probably bad news.
  • Islam: complicate Islam and sharia laws with the rights and powers of Saudi Arabian Kings and it becomes absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  • Christianity/Islam:  teaches god will make the final judgment on someone’s life, whereas in Islam believers are free to be judge, jury, and executioners of infidels wherever they are found.
  • Christianity: America was founded on Christian principals and the founding fathers felt there was so much freedom and liberties, it is required that citizens have a strong moral religious presence in their lives.
  • Christianity/Islam: progressives look down on Christians because they believe in God and they pray as they feel it is needed. Islam is much closer to a cult as believers must pray at least five times each day facing Mecca. I have heard progressives insult Christian prayer, but I have never seen one insult against Islamic prayer rituals.
  • Christianity: during the Climate Change conference in Cancun, perhaps the largest per capita concentration of progressives after New York City, there session was opened with a prayer to a Mayan Sun goddess. No problem. Imagine the hate and vitriol that would have occurred if they tried to open the session with a Christian prayer ?
  • Progressives: seem to believe they are intelligent, sophisticated, worldly (not American), and extremely tolerant. They are only tolerant of Muslims, teachers, professors, entertainment community, homosexuals, liberals, pro-choice, and illegal immigrants. They are not tolerant of Christians, patriotic Americans, the Military, conservatives, pro-life, and American citizens. They will side with any illegal immigrant every time against an American citizen.
  • Christianity: the art of progressives, supported by taxpayers through the NEA, have a wide range of Christan art. From a crucifix sitting in urine, to a Mother Mary made out of cow dung, to Jesus covered in ants. What a wide range of creative Christian art? Has anyone ever seen a progressive insult Muslims in art the way that they insult Christians?
  • Christianity/Islam: lets be honest here. Islam is more violent than Christianity. When is the last time you heard about a bomb threat? Was it perpetrated by Islam or Christianity? I personally have never heard of Christians flying planes into buildings to kill as many innocent people as possible. However,  I have heard that Muslims do this. Add up all the terrorist attacks from around the world in the past 4 decades and then you’ll see which religion has the most blood on its hands.
  • Islam: Muslims must submit to Islam. The word Islam means “submit”. For a Muslim to submit to Islam, means they memorize as much of the suras of the Qu’ran as possible, and they must believe that the suras are the archangel Gabriel reciting the words of Allah to Mohammad, and that all suras must be obeyed. Not just some of the suras, but all the suras. Even the ones that promote violence or discriminate against infidels.
  • 3 Major Religions: Interesting that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all religions based on many of the same historical figures. From Abraham and Moses, to Jesus. These figures are part of the dogma of all three religions. So I guess if your insulting Christianity, then you are really insulting the other religions too.
  • Islam: the tenants of Islam is prayer 5 times a day, and 10% of your wealth must be donated to the local mosque, and you must go to Mecca and Medina during the Hajj at least once in your life. That’s a critical part of the extreme brainwashing that Islam practices.
  • Christianity: progressives complain that the Christian Church has committed unspeakable crimes against children. As far as unspeakable crimes, pedophilia is 10 times more prevalent in the teaching profession than in the Christian Church. Just read your newspaper. Church infractions are reported everywhere, teacher infractions are kept as quiet as possible.
  • Islam: biographies and early Islamic writings about Mohammad claim he was a pedophile. He had multiple wives, one of which he married at 6 years old. He was sensitive to her age, so he did not have sex with her until 3 years after they married. Sex with a female child whose at the “ripe” old age of 9 years old. This is the religious leader of their religion.
  • European Secular: Have you noticed the direction secular Europe is headed. Just recently a father and professor David Epstein at Columbia University, was accused of a 3 year affair with his 24 year old daughter. Sex with your 21 year old daughter? This professor is the new poster child for liberal progressive elitist tolerant academia in this country’s universities. According to news reports the sex was consensual. Not sure how having sex with the biggest authority figure in your life, can be described as consensual. The atmosphere in Europe is that they are looking at it as “what’s the big deal” if it is between consenting adults. There are currently incest talks in Sweden discussing removing all incest laws. Why? Because there have only been 3 cases reported in the last year. Hell, make it legal and you are guaranteed to have 0 reported cases. Although no one will know the real number of incest occurrences each year now will they? Problem solved the European secular way. If a law is causing problems for the government, well just legalize the offense and it goes away.
  • Europe Anti-Islam: Recently new laws across Europe are restricting the building of minarets, the wearing of the burka in public, and the refusal to adopt any sharia law. Perhaps about 30% of European country’s population is Muslim. Muslims who do not want to integrate into European culture. Hey American progressives, do you think perhaps Europe is realizing they have a big Muslim problem that needs to be fixed? Prime Minister Merkle has publicly announced that the attempt to bring in Muslim populations to integrate with European culture has completely failed in Germany. Come on progressives these are your secular soul mates in Europe society making these anti-Muslim rulings. Do you think they might know something more about Muslims than you do?
  • Islamist Terrorists: Islamist terrorists have been bombing innocent civilians for decades. They are also very proud of it. They don’t care if the innocents are men, women, or children. All they want is press coverage. It is almost unheard of for Christians to blow up anyone. Tim McVeigh who blew up Oklahoma’s federal building was an atheist, not a Christian, and he was a lone wolf, not a member of any organized militia.
  • Islam: Muslims have proven they will use children to help facilitate attacks (see image above). Notice that the bombers are young and impressional, and convinced they are following the wishes of Allah. They teach children from a young age that it is their duty to be a suicide bomber if asked by their religious leaders.
  • Christianity:  NPR progressive journalists, whose salary I pay,  are constantly apologizing for using the phrases “Christmas Holidays” and “Christmas Party”. I wish they would say why they need to apologize.
  • Christianity: does have some extremists but they are few and far between, and nothing in comparison to Muslim extremists. These extremists, pro-life fanatics usually, are people such as the man who set off a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics, Eric Rudolf, and the man who shot late-term abortionist Dr. Tiller,  Shelley Shannon.
  • Tolerant Islam: For 2010 Christmas season in the UK Muslims have started a campaign, siting Christmas as evil and responsible for pedophelia, alcohol and drug use, teenage pregnancies, sex diseases, whores, abortions, paganism, debt, blasphemy, domestic violence, violence in general, homelessness, promiscuity, crime, and vandalism. Whereas, In Islam we are protected from all of these evils we have marriage, family, honor, dignity, security, and rights for man, woman, and child. All this info appears on their campaign posters on display (above) in the UK.
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