Cryptcl: Progressives Want To Control Your Life

MSM has tremendous influence on the current left wing radical progressives. A left wing progressive is a political animal who’s elitist view of the world colors their understanding of the real world such that they are no longer living in or understanding reality. Here is a basic description of Progressives.

Progressives: believe in an urban, unmarried, elitist, foul mouthed, name caller, non-parent, godless, coke head, shallow, Gucci obsessed, trust fund baby, selfish, old money, wealthy society member, vain, no work ethic, metro-sexual, immoral, and a cynical sarcastic reactive view of the world. They believe that only they are smart enough to make decisions impacting people’s everyday lives. That’s why they are called elitist. They are progressives because they intentionally and often live their lives out accepting changes as inevitable, instead of evaluating the change and dismiss or support it.

Most Important: to progressives is their personal income, creature comforts, and excessive public entitlements. Their entitlements are more important than financial condition of the government. Wisconsin progressives displayed their selfishness by receiving more benefits/salary than any other non-union private worker, who pays the bills for public union workers benefits, and complaining about the “unfairness” of Americans. Who is being unfair here. The ones with the golden entitlements or the ones that pay for someone else’s golden entitlements. Unfortunately, public union workers have negotiated entitlements that are unsustainable by the government. The money ain’t there. They have collective bargained themselves out of their job. They are too expensive to hire.

Debating With Progressives: when political debates happen it is always good to know the political beliefs of your opponent. You can identify opponents who are liberals if they meet one of these criteria. Progressives are extremely easy to identify.

  • support their position with emotions: when they start to lose the debate they use heart breaking anecdotal stories and support governing with emotions and feelings instead of facts, statistics, and solid evidence
  • present faux facts: when they start to lose the debate they make up bogus issues, facts, and present known falsehoods as truth
  • change the subject: when they start to lose the debate they change the subject in mid-argument, leaving the original issue they were not winning.
  • name calling: when they start to lose the debate they resort to name calling including racist, homophobe, islamophobe, bigot, moron, idiot, stupid, mean, evil, and of course wingnut

Progressive Elitists in Action:  In the City of San Francisco, that bastion of progressive thinkers, the voters have weighed in on some serious issues.

  • Waste Water Stupidity: Too much water is being wasted when flushing toilets so therefore we will require that residents upgrade their toilets to waste less water. The community followed the new rules and guess what? Now there is a terrible stench all over San Francisco because the waste water plumbing does not have enough water to force the waste downstream and out of the city. They have clogged all the plumbing. You can be certain that no elitist is going to get their hands dirty to fix this problem. That’s what the unwashed masses are for.
  • 3 Garbage Cans For All: Regular and Recycle garbage was not enough for these guys. They wanted a third garbage can for compost garbage. Excellent, now on the eve of garbage collection residents are sorting through the three cans of garbage to make sure they disposed of their garbage correctly. In fact, strict inspections, record keeping, and fines are now all part of garbage collection. The drivers are instructed to keep a record of who puts out which garbage cans when. You see a normal persons life would create garbage for all three cans. The state must watch residents closely to make sure people are not forgetting to properly sort and put out all three cans on  a regular basis.
  • Stop The Fat Kid From Eating: Now its time to fix the obese kid problem. MacDonalds places a toy in every happy meal for the kids. The kids like the toy. But no more. San Francisco voted to outlaw the placement of toys in food sold to children. Those damn toys were attracting kids to eat fatty happy meals. The mayor, Gavin Newsome, vetoed the toy bill. It would have accomplished nothing since a MacDonalds right over the city line could still include toys, so moms and dads would just have to drive further to find toy MacDonalds.

But you can see the mentality of these elitists. They must govern the unwashed masses because the masses cannot do it themselves. Now if you look at all the fancy high priced “in” restaurants in San Francisco you’ll find lots of fatty items on the menu. Why didn’t they vote for restrictions on those fatty foods? Because it’s where they eat and there is no reason to restrict fatty foods since all that visit these restaurants are elitists who can be trusted to eat responsibly. Their richer, smarter, and just better than the MacDonalds crowd.

Progressive Elitists Opinions:
  • Pregnancy: If they get pregnant they kill the baby, regardless of the trimester, because a baby would have been a real drag on their elitist lifestyle.
  • Statutary Rape: If they ply a minor girl with alcohol and drugs, rape and sodomize that girl, they believe it’s OK because it’s not rape-rape. They jokingly call it pulling a “Polansky”.
  • Rich Drug Abuse: (Charlie Sheen) get drunk and high the way most of us breath air. They get found with drugs but never are charged with anything major. A quick stint in rehab, no jail time,  and their ready to be arrested again.
  • Military Service: is out of the question only stupid or crazy people want to serve their country.
  • Public Service: is OK if you get one of those impossible to get jobs that overpays you, gives you free retirement package, and free health care package. Otherwise they would rather not work and just live off their trust funds.
  • Socialism, Communism, Marxism: are perfectly acceptable to the progressive elitist. Even though these forms of government have failed wherever they have been attempted. Elitists would have no problem living under these regimes instead of democracy and capitalism. Even though it is more likely than not that their family fortunes were started and enhanced by a democratic capitalistic society. Che is still a hero when he should be a terrorist murderer.
  • American Culture: elitists hate American culture. They always speak dismissive of American culture, and yet are completely impressed with virtually any other culture, especially European cultures. They actually believe America is imperialistic, war monger, cruel to its citizens, has no responsibility to help and direct world affairs, and is responsible for anything bad that happens anywhere in the world.
  • Constitution: a nation created to protect the rights of the individual citizens. A nation built on democratic principles that allow the citizens to define the direction they want to go. Progressive elites want to replace democracy. The elites want socialism and that has never made much sense to me. The reason their families have money is because they operated in a capitalistic system. But they seem to prefer the mediocre world of socialist control, restrictions, lack of freedom, lack of liberties, and lack of respect for individuals, now that the elites already have their money.
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