Cryptcl: Public Unions Selfishly Demand Too Much, Refuse to Understand Angry Working Taxpayers

The Wisconsin and nationwide protests against changes in government collective bargaining and public union entitlements, is a shocking display of the selfish, greedy, insensitive, and arrogance of the public unions. They currently have excessive salaries, excessive retirement plans, and excessive health care benefits that far exceed the working taxpayers in the private sector. Add in the fact that the public union entitlements are bankrupting local, state, and federal governments, and the need for the changes is apparent. Yet the pro-public union protesters are whining, stomping their feet, and having a temper tantrum rather that look at reality and realize they have been given far to many benefits for far too long and they have essentially collectively bargained themselves out of the financial feasibility of there own jobs. They have demanded and received so many entitlements they are too expensive to employ by the government.

Teachers, who are supposed to be intelligent, are blind to the fact that either their entitlements are substantially reduced or more jobs will be lost. The majority of taxpayers, who have salaries and benefits that are far below teachers get mad at how the taxpayers have been taken advantage of by the Democratic Party’s pro-union vote buying using taxpayer money. Teachers will lose their jobs. What has not been decided is how many.  It is amazing that the teachers do not see how selfish and greedy they appear to the majority of American workers

As far as American taxpayers are concerned public union teachers are overpaid, receive excessive retirement benefits, and get health care for free, paid for by the American taxpayer. The Democrat political machine has been buying union votes with conservative and liberal taxpayer money to the detriment of government’s financial status. Those excessive posh entitlements cannot be sustained by the governments and will quickly have to be realigned with reality.

The more demonstrations, protests, and pro-union statements by POTUS, other liberal MSM, and liberal political players, the more out of control and delusional the public unions and its members and supporters appear. The public union members have been given the Titanic’s most expensive desk chairs, and the most pampered treatment available, but they still are clinging to the these entitlements refusing to believe that they must give them up because the ship is really sinking. You might have the most expensive deck chair, but that will not prevent the ship from sinking. Only major reductions in public union compensation can slow the rapid rate of this sinking ship.

As far as the demonstrations,  it is illegal for public workers to strike. Yet that is just what the teachers of Wisconsin have done with this “sick out”. Legally any illegal strike breaks the union contracts and the state can now consider those contracts to be null and void, as the teachers have willfully, intentionally, and selfishly broken the agreement. They intentionally walked off the job faking sickness like spoiled children, and stranding working families without day care without any notice. It’s the teachers that are being thoughtless and heartless.

Any teachers that were out sick, involved with fake doctors excuse notes, and demonstrating against Wisconsin state government when they were suppose to be in school teaching, should be immediately dismissed. I don’t think the “teachers” thought this through. They are on a path of lose/lose. There is nothing they can win by refusing to work. There are lots of trained educators looking for teacher jobs. Those who walked off the job should be terminated just like Reagan “fired” the Air Traffic Controllers for their illegal strike. Firing teachers will show the state cannot be bullied by unions and will in fact improve the state’s bottom line.

It should also be obvious that it does not matter what the teachers want, think they deserve, or demand, if the state does not have the money to pay them!

I have seen signs at the demonstrations that say “Tax the Rich”. What those teacher sign holders do not understand, compared to private sector, the teachers are the rich!

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