Cryptcl: Shariah Law In America

Note: pictures above are Sharia samples for around the world. These are not pictures of America’s Sharia Law. 

When Sharia Law is mentioned most Americans laugh and say that can’t happen in America. It will take years for the Muslim community to increase democratic pressure to support Sharia Law. As soon as Muslim community owns 51% of the votes, Sharia Law becomes American Law. It is already being enforced in the Muslim communities around this country. Muslim communities are already practicing Sharia Law. Within their communities it is practiced secretly so America authorities don’t notice.

In Michigan, the largest Muslim community in the nation, lets say a Muslim girl in here late teens or early twenties decides she does not want to marry her arranged marriage groom  from the Middle East. That dishonors the whole family. The father follows the Sharia Law that his local Imams and mosque supports. The penalty for the girl is death. The father kills the girl and suddenly the girl just vanishes, never to be seen again. Now if no one in that Muslim community reports the girl missing to the American authorities, then the American authorities know absolutely nothing about this crime. See how very easy it is for Muslims to hide Sharia Law currently being practiced. The Muslim community will do whatever they must to support and protect Sharia Law. Lie, cheat, deceive non-Muslims, maim, or kill is all a part of a good Muslim’s life when fighting for Islamic Jihad. The American authorities don’t come looking for the body if it is not reported missing. The loyalty of the Muslim community is to Muslims not America or Americans. Unlike millions who immigrated before and became Americans, the Muslims are not interested in becoming American. Their loyalty oath to Muslims is to destroy America. They are coming here to destroy America. They can never be trusted.

Sharia Law punishments include opposite hand-foot amputations, lashings, beheading, stoning to death, hanging, acid thrown in face, various other kill methods, and nose-ear amputations.  

To be clear the following is a statement of facts and not factually inaccurate bigotry against Islam. 

Muslims don’t care about anything that’s non-Muslim. Anything non-Muslim should not and does not deserve their respect. Anything or anybody that’s non-Muslim doesn’t deserve to exist, and their mere existence is an insult to good Muslims everywhere.  Muslims will lie, cheat, and deceive about the intentions of Islam in order to keep non-Muslims confused. Muslims don’t care about free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of anything, liberty, human rights, diversity, or tolerance of anything non-Muslim. Muslims only care about their Koran, their mosque, their Imams, their fellow Muslims, Sharia Law, Muhammad, Allah, and the Islamic way of life. Muslims believe that no western government laws should have jurisdiction over Muslims. Only Sharia Law needs to be followed by Muslims. Muslims have the law of their local Imam, mosque, and Sharia Law. The U.S government has no right to place a Muslim on trial. Muslims can only be judged by other Muslims and Sharia Law. They do not care about anything Western. Western ideas are unclean. Westerners are unclean. Western women are all whores. Western men are all weak, dirty, immoral, sinners, and are enemies of Islam. Muslims have no desire to live under western human rights. They only want to live under Islamic Sharia Law and the fatwa’s of their Imams. They ache to be oppressed by Islam. They feel protected, part of a larger Muslim community, and are perfectly fine having only a few choices in life. Muslims are soldiers of Islam that don’t make decisions, but rather they follow orders of their Islamic elders, their mosque, and their local Imams. They are all just following Muslim orders, rules, laws, and Islamic social traditions.

American attorneys generals should look for unreported honor killings. They should start to look for Muslim girls that were enrolled in school, etc., who have suddenly vanished, but have never been reported missing. School, health, passports, and tax records should make it possible to see how many girls vanished in the Muslim community and were never reported missing. When confronted with a missing girl, Muslims will state that she went back home to the middle east. But check plane records and you will see that no such trip was ever made by the girl you are looking for.
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