Cryptcl: Socialist Thought Cripples Black America

Believing that government’s responsibility is to provide everything for its citizens is the socialist battle cry. It is also the battle cry for the welfare state. Any government that can provide everything you need, also has the power to take everything away.

Black leaders encourage socialist policies to buy the votes of those supported by those socialist policies. Self-responsibility is rarely discussed and if it is those blacks practicing conservative independence are labeled “uncle Toms” by the black race-baiting socialist leaders. Dependence on welfare removes all motivation, incentive, and worth ethic to make things better. That’s why things have not gotten better for the welfare community for decades.

They are constantly told by black socialist leaders they can’t be successful in the rich white man’s world. So they don’t even try to improve their financial situation. They suffer humiliation and hardships on the public dole, too afraid to try and improve their lives because they are so dependent on the welfare system. They are trapped by entitlements. Try to improve your financial situation and your secondary income is too high so you are thrown off welfare. In this trap you will always make sure you do nothing to jeopardize your welfare entitlement. Any effort in improving your situation jeopardizes your welfare entitlement.

Often those on welfare blame the rich and state that the rich should be paying more. Currently the top 5% of earners pays about 40% of all taxes collected by the government. That sounds to me like the rich are already paying their share. 50% of the citizens in the U.S. don’t pay any taxes at all, and are not part of the working force.

The socialists forget to tell those on welfare that the majority of rich men started out poor, worked hard to be successful, and are now hardworking tax payers who’s taxes support government socialist programs like welfare, provide jobs, pay their taxes, contribute to charities, and are assets to the community they are in. Without the rich to pay for it, there is no tax revenue. Without the rich to pay for it, there is no socialism. Without the rich to pay for it, there is no welfare.


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