Cryptcl: Teachers Indoctrinate Young Students Into Union Entitlements Support

Is this even legal? What gives the teacher the right to manipulate my child and indoctrinate him/her for their own personal causes, union activities, and political agenda. They are indoctrinating my kids, but they are on “sick out strike”. It is illegal for public union workers to strike and the teachers have broken their contract with the state by striking. They should be fired for striking, and we then hire from the thousands of citizens with degrees in education that could not find open teaching positions across the country.
The children are mislead into believing pro-working taxpayers are out to destroy their school. They are never told that all these demonstrations are simply about money. They are about excessive union entitlements. One side are those who want to reduce excessive union entitlements. The other side wants to keep excessive union entitlements at their current levels. One side wants public union workers to pay for their own retirement and health care. The other side wants the current private worker taxpayers to keep paying for the retirement and health care of the public union workers.


School Yard Indoctrination:

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