Cryptcl: The Definition of Insanity

“Heeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee’s Harry !” 
“Heeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee’s Nancy !”  
“Heeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee’s Barack !”  

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

Once again the Democrats have shown that they still don’t get it. They don’t get the November election results, the anger of Americans, and arrogantly are doing exactly what the American electorate has said they don’t want. The American voters clearly indicated to all that they were not pleased with the direction of the Democratically controlled socialist leaning Congress.

The election results could not be clearer, yet the Democrats are going to try to continue big spending, big government, with lots of earmarks. The exact bill specifics are as follows: Omnibus Bill,  1,900 pages, a total expense of $1.1 trillion, 575 million per page, and 6,488 earmarks with a price tag of about $8 billion. Some things included in the bill are $840 million increase for Head Start, $455 million for Obama’s race to the top program, and $1.25 billion for spending related to Obamacare. You know Obamacare, that bill (2 to 1 margin against) Americans want repealed. These losers are still trying to implement Obamacare.
There are hundreds of pork-barrel spending projects with new rules for everything from detainees at Gitmo to handling of airport baggage. Their expanding the IRS, hiring more agents, to support the Obamacare bill that a significant majority of Americans have said, by the election results, they don’t want. Nobody does. There are almost 300 companies and organizations that have successfully negotiated a waiver to avoid following the rules in Obamacare. This include unions, companies, and organizations providing employee health care. The waivers are requested because they feel the provisions of the Obamacare bill will create increased costs that will call for the suspension of company sponsored health insurance. Many of those getting the waivers are a who’s who of Obama supporters, including the unions that supported Obamacare.

Insanity is expecting a different result from the constant over spending and over expansion of the government. A significant majority( 2 to 1 margin against) of Americans do not want to add another $1.1 trillion to already astronomical debt of almost $14 trillion dollars, and are in favor of repealing Obamacare. So why are the Democrats creating this legislative crisis? The Democrats are producing the same type of unwanted legislation, and are trying to force it down the throats of voters before the next Congress in January 1211. Anyone that supports this bill and is up for election in 2012 can kiss their political career goodbye. The Tea Party will make sure of it.

Same as the previous results for big spending/expanding bills, the Democrats create anger, loose support, and even disgust the majority of Independents and Republicans, and a large contingent of fiscally conservative Democrats.

This means that the Democratic party is either ignorant or incompetent of the demands of the American people, or brazenly and outrageously ignoring the voice of the American people showing complete disrespect for their wishes. This is like a banana republic forcing a socialist agenda on a helpless population. Just like with Obamacare and the November election. Those that support this bill will receive retribution in 2012 elections. Why are they going to pass bills they know will be repealed by the next Congress? What an embarrassing, arrogant, and selfish thing for the Democrats to do.

To top off this Congressional dysfunction, no legislators have had any time to read it. So just like Obamacare they will largely be voting for/against a 2,000 page bill they have not read.

Somebody please save us all from this insanity!
Tea Party Payback’s gonna be a bitch in 201

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