Cryptcl: The Grand Design, I Thought Hawking Said God Wasn’t Involved?

Stephen Hawking recently released an article stating that the hand of “god” was not needed to create the universe. The physics of gravity alone was completely capable of creating the “big bang” that produced our universe. I found an interesting anomaly in Stephen Hawking’s new book title, “The Grand Design”. I purchased it but have yet to read it. But if there is some grand design that exists in the universe, doesn’t that by definition imply that there is a “Grand Designer”? You cannot have a design without a designer. Let me read the book to clarify this contradiction in his title and article opinion. This reading could take some time as Hawking is a tough read. But since we’re talking about the “design” of the universe, lets look at some of the confusing situations within multiple sciences related to our reality.
  • However this universe came to be, it currently has a library of man made users guides, a series of documented sciences that together attempt to explain the physical characteristics of our absurd world. It is currently unknown how exhaustively or incompletely these sciences accurately predict this physical reality. It is known that new unexplained anomalies in the physical world are found all the time. All sciences together describe and predict behavior in our physical world. But not one of the sciences addresses the real question we all have. How was the universe created? Why was the universe created? What is responsible for the design of our universe? Science, as we know it, only observes and predicts behavior within our universe. So science attempts to find the “rules of the game”, but it never addresses how the game was designed and came into existence.
  • Just investigate “entangled particles”. Particles that used to be together and then are separated, with great physical distances between them, show similar response to forces applied to one distant particle effecting the local particle, and forces on the local particle similarly effecting the distant particle.Why? How? No one knows.
  • New biological species are found all the time, many immediately declared as the mammal missing link, and then quickly disproven by simple examination. Extinct species, according to science, are being discovered all the time. In fact out of a 187 extinct mammals, about 67 have been “re-discovered” to still exist. Just recently in New Guinea dozens of new species found, frogs, etc., that no one ever knew existed are now listed in the biological library of life. Although often sciences are portrayed as complete, accurate, and irrefutable, everyday new situations are observed that bring the accuracy and completeness of all sciences into question.
  • New quantum physics behavior is always being discovered and Quantum science itself is still in its infancy stage. The creation of the science of quantum physics was required because at the atomic level the rules of macro-world physics falls apart. It should be noted that physics at the macro-world/universe level also falls apart in some cases. The big bang creation theory and expansion of our universe fails the physics test. All matter expanding from the singular point of expansion is INCREASING in speed everyday. According to the laws of physics it must be DECREASING and is supposed to eventually stop. No one can explain this unexpected behavior.
  • Newly found “earth-like” planets are announced quite often. Usually they are presented with the bold description of “close to Earth, capable of supporting life”. In all cases when enough investigation is performed the claims of “life support” disappear. Recently there was a discovery of a new planet orbiting a red dwarf star called Gliese 581. It is positioned, similar to Earth, at the appropriate distance from it’s “sun” to possibly support life. And it’s really close to Earth too. Only 20 light years from Earth is close? So a habitable planet has been found ? If you read the article this new planet is on a fixed axis where one side of the planet always gets sun, and the other side of the planet is always dark. So I guess it’s habitable if it’s burning hot on one side, and freezing cold on the other side. The scientists imply life might exist on the thin region band around the planet between the hot and cold sides. Their just guessing, oops I mean speculating. The fact of a fixed axis also eliminates any chance at of appropriate atmospheric conditions for sustaining life.
  • Remember, scientists are biased toward atheism, evolution, and have scientific tunnel-vision for their area of expertise. The discovery of an “almost” life supporting planet will help confirm that Earth is not so special and a divine “hand” was not required for the creation of life. Of course scientists are all agenda-driven, just like any other profession. For some reason many believe that if something is said by a scientist it must be factually accurate, completely accepted as truth, and is always agenda neutral. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tenured professors regardless of their expertise are well known for incompetence, corruption, and their arrogance of narcissism. They rarely admit when they are wrong.
  • Just look at the agenda-driven “truth” debacle known as Global Warming / Climate Change. Scientists, with a grant and funding agenda, reported what the financiers and profiteers like Al Gore wanted to hear. They omitted inconsistent facts, inflated the importance and accuracy of other more inaccurate facts, and ran “fudged” / “fixed” software simulation touting said software as a valid representation of real world weather, threatened to destroy all raw data if forced for accountability in peer reviews, and refused to investigate possible faults in the data collection. It was all smoke and mirrors. To most educated and informed people it was shocking and shameful. If these scientists ever identify “real global warming”? No one will believe them. All credibility is lost for these scientists and for global warming/climate change theory itself.
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