Cryptcl: The horrific face of late term abortion 

I hate having to show this. But for people to truly understand they have to see it for themselves. Here is the sordid and horrible world of late term abortions. Here’s a link from Michelle Malkin about the horrors found in that “medical” center.

Read it and cry for the slaughtered.

Here is the full sordid Grand Jury Investigation of Kermit B Gosnell. This is so horrible to read it’s worse than just the 8 murder headline. There truly is evil in the world, and it isn’t always sunny in Philadelphia.—-Philly-Abortionist-Kermit-B-Gosnell-Multiple-Counts-of-Murder-(January-2011)

Here is post about the pressure women are under to get abortions by Marcia Morrissey.

Murder can be charged if an abortion fails, meaning the baby is born alive, and then killed by the doctor through an overt act. Many doctors handle a failed abortion by ignoring the live born and just let them die without any attempt to assist them. The difference between born alive and a fetus is if the breeched baby’s head is still in the womb, rest of it’s body is out of the womb, then you can kill it by sucking it’s brains out. If it is completely out of the womb and alive then it is a live birth. The baby is then protected by laws. The choosing who lives and who dies is barbaric to say the least. How can pro-choicers defend this slaughter when there are plenty of couples that can’t have children and are aching to adopt? Most couples go to foreign countries to adopt, because it is too difficult to find adoptions in the U.S. It is amazing how cruel humanity can be. So-called feminist pro-choicers are nothing more than cruel selfish baby killers selecting life or death based on shallow personal whims.

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