Cryptcl: The Narcissism Of Atheism

Definition: Atheism is the theory or belief that God does not exist.
Atheism is Just Another Religion:
Atheist: How can people believe in holy books and Gods that cannot be proven true. It’s a scam for donations
Believer: I understand what you’re saying. What do you believe?
Atheist: God does not exist.
Believer: Can you prove that God does not exist?
Atheist: Well no I just believe it to be true.
Believer: So you believe something that cannot be proven?
Atheist: Well yes.
Believer: Why do you believe in something that cannot be proven?
Believer: Isn’t that the same faith in the unproven as every other religion?

I should speak a little about my own beliefs so the reader can understand where I am coming from.

My beliefs are that the world, reality, the universe, the Earth, mankind, and all the hundreds of thousands of different types of lifeforms is too complex, have developed too many unique lifeforms with similar patterns of development, for all of this to have happened by accident. Too many conditions on Earth need to be true just to support life. There is value in Holy Books. I do not read holy books literally. I have read the Bible, the Bhagavadgita, the Koran, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. All have strong moral lessons and the understanding that man is not as important as he thinks he is. They help identify bad lifestyles and good lifestyles. We all can learn from all of them. I propose that it is the underlying sciences that specifically provide the structure for our reality. I believe that the scientific framework was intentionally created to support life. I am humble. I understand it makes perfect sense that I do not have the intelligence to understand it all. All mankind is overwhelmed by our precarious existence. But I do believe reality was created to support life forms. I also believe that mankind is a special life form with a soul that can transcend from physical to spiritual life. When one focuses on their own existence they find that there is a free and unbounded spirit that defines who they are. There is no single physical location that contains all of the human spirit.

I call Atheists narcissists because they believe in their own self-importance, while trivializing the ideas and thoughts of others. Atheists always think they know more than everybody else. They have a certain arrogant narcissism because what they believe is that they have superior intellectual understanding knowing that nothing and no one matters. Everything and everyone is meaningless. I must say that something or somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to make our reality and the sciences that define it. If it was all made for nothing and is meaningless, why bother?  I’ve seen when atheists insult religions, religious people, religious traditions, and religious ceremonies. I’ve seen atheists openly laugh and make fun of somebody’s beliefs. I guess in the liberal progressive atheist’s world saying nothing created everything for no reason is their delusional comfort zone. If you believe in nothing it takes no intellectual effort to understand or explain it. There is nothing to understand. Humanity lives and procreates for no reason on a spinning blue sea sphere for no reason. Everything that has ever happened is an accident. Everything that exists is an accident. At least that’s what atheists say they believe.

There is more evidence that god does exist than he doesn’t exist. Just look around at your visible and invisible reality. There are multiple levels of structure, interaction, and relationships between sciences, the physical world, and the microscopic physical world. Each complex science we encounter was not created by luck, chance, randomness, and is not independent of other sciences. Rather they were all probably created at the same time due to their exact interactions. The evidence of organized creation is all around you. Isn’t it logical that some astonishing entity must have accomplished it. It did not happen by itself. Nothing creates itself. Just like man didn’t create himself.
God is much more than just organized religions: One error many atheists make is that they think that if you don’t believe in holy books or formal religion in the world, then you must believe that god does not exist. If all holy books, and atheist writings too, were complete nonsense, God will still exist. Because our physical reality still exists. God, throughout history, has been found, recognized, and realized through many approaches including holy books, praying, singing, chanting, music, psychedelic drugs, ritualistic ceremonies, traditional group meetings, individual meditation, group meditation, and ritual sacrifice. In fact the revelation and epiphany of God can be through personal means and the actual thoughts, beliefs, and events recognizing God can be unique to every individual.  God can be a state of mind and/or an external entity out of our control. Spirituality is an intellectual, mental, and emotional state where one understands themselves, feels the spirit of God, feels a closeness with God, understands their purpose, their strengths, their weaknesses, where they fit into our complex reality, and how they want to live their lives. Formal holy books and formal religions are just one way that people attempt to cope and understand their astonishing existence. There are an infinite number of ways to find one’s spirituality and one’s relationship to their God. One can believe in God or Gods without any membership or affiliation to any organized religion or holy book. Your mere existence creates spiritual, emotional, and intellectual questions and issues about the physical and psychological parameters of this astonishing existence. How those questions and issues are answered is up to the individual. I prefer to reference the sciences as a designers framework. I intend to learn as much as I can of the science framework that defines our reality.

Science is not accidental, chance, or coincidence: Reality is that science exists with fixed and variable relationships to other science entities. All sciences are built upon science entities which in turn are built upon even smaller science entities until the microscopic particles of quantum physics science are identified. Every science in our reality is compatible and cooperates with every other science that exists. These sciences and their relations to reality and other sciences could not have occurred accidentally or randomly. The rules of interactions between sciences is a complex symphony of interaction and not a cacophony of disorder. There is beauty, elegance, balance, independence, cooperation, stability, predictability, and complexity beyond human abilities and understanding. At best our scientists test, document, and explore what already existed before man came into being. The why was it created?, how was it created?, whom has created it?, is all beyond human understanding, despite what arrogant grant seeking scientists speculate. The reality is that science and scientists are only documenting what is already there, but they have no clue on the origins of all these interrelated sciences. Does anyone actually think that chemistry, physics, biology, geology, cosmology, and quantum theory can exist without the existence of all the other sciences? Each of these sciences is so bound together it looks more like an intricate fabric where each science is a thread within that fabric. They are interlaced, tightly coupled, and in some views the individual science threads are not visible, as only the whole fabric seems visible. These science interactions are happening thousands upon thousands of times every second. So intricate as to make the believer see the fabric, but is unaware of the exact threads that create it. The complexity and intricate relationships between all science negate any attempt to consider their creation random or accidental. There is nothing random about any of these sciences. Every science has fixed relationships within itself and to other sciences. Does anyone actually think atomic structure occurred by accident? Does anyone believe chemical properties occurred randomly? The chart of elements proves how exact the relationships are. A mere addition of an electron, proton, or neutron to an atomic structure and the chemical substance has completely different properties.

Man is master over what he has learned and created from existing Earth resources in his thousands of years of time here on Earth. What man has created includes literature, art, music, buildings, multiple forms of transportation, multiple forms of communication, computer technology, manufacturing techniques, and optical technology. Man can investigate and learn about the underlying sciences, but man is only documenting what already exists. Man is not creating anything that can’t be made with the natural resources already available.

God is omnipotent and master over what it has learned and created in the millions of years of time here on Earth. What god has created includes all the solar system, all the galaxies, all the stars, the universe, all life forms, procreation of life forms, all the sciences, and all the relationships between all sciences. This was all happening millions of years before man even existed. The first man does not grow from a sperm and an egg to a complete complex life form without the help of some intelligent designer. Our reality has 2 major components. The detectable visible fabric of physical reality, and the undetectable invisible scientific threads that are woven and intertwined to create that fabric. All along the way there are fixed and variable relationships and interactions between all the scientific components. There has to be some constructor, some designer, some intelligent overseer capable of creating the first atom, the universe, all the sciences, simple life forms, complex life forms, and design of procreation of life.

The foolishness of believing our Earth happened by accident: Many seem to believe that accident and randomness created our planet, it’s neighbors, its moon, and its Sun. There is absolutely nothing accidental or random that has created the current positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

Earth, Moon, and Sun placed precisely exactly as is, or a collapse of the planetary arrangement.
Earth must be the right temperature range. 
Earth must be the right distance from the Sun to avoid overexposure. 
Earth must have an abundance of certain chemicals including water. 
Earth must have atmosphere that prevents dangerous rays of the sun from landing on our planet. 
Earth must have Moon in the exact spot this Moon is in for tides and other cyclical events. 
Earth must spin to warm and cool the earth, and allow life forms to safely roam on it. 
Earth must be tilted by the correct amount of degrees for it’s spinning axis. 
Earth must have stable orbit around the Sun to create cyclic hot and cold seasons on Earth. 
Earth could become permanently frozen or burning if the orbit or spin slows or stops.
Earth must have the right mixture of chemicals in atmosphere to allow oxygen for life to breath. 
Earth must have all the resources, vegetation, and food for every kind of creature that lives. 
Earth must have a variable collection of weather situations to nourish and restore life itself. 
Earth must have some form of DNA for every living creature and plant that exists.
Earth must have a hierarchy of animals in a food chain structure to support all life.
Earth has over a 100 thousand more conditions that must exist for life to exist in a stable orbit on a spinning sphere in a world of physics, chemistry, cosmology, biology, and quantum physics. These 100 thousand conditions are all the scientific constants fixed or variable from all sciences. It is these precise scientific constants and values that determines the relationship between all the sciences, and the operation of our reality.

The foolishness to think that life on other planets destroys religious thought on this planet: Some atheists believe that if life is found on other planets that negates all holy books and God as known on Earth. Unfortunately that is not true. The Holy books that exist on Earth only address the miraculous and day to day events on Earth of the historical and miraculous figures. It says nothing about other planets. If there is life on other planets than they might have their own holy books for their planet. God may have created life on many other planets differently. Just because it is not in our holy books doesn’t mean that life on other planets cannot exist. If there are still simple life forms, unable to write holy books, then I guess we will have to wait until they are complex life forms to see what they do. The holy books on Earth only describe events and characters on the planet Earth.

Darwinism is incomplete, unproven, and creates more questions than answers: Atheists almost unquestionably believe in Darwinism as their creation method of choice. Notice I said believe in Darwinism since it is just another set of unproven ideas they must believe without proof and like any religion requires belief and faith in the unknown. It is also incorrect to think that the existence of Evolution negates God. God could had used Evolution to create life forms. Both religions and Evolution state that life forms was made from the soil of the Earth. These ideas are compatible. Many walk around referring to Evolution as if it were a proven science. As of this writing Evolution still has no proof, no answers to the major questions, and cannot be considered established science. People can believe whatever they want. But Evolution is a long way from being science. It is one unproven theory, unanswered speculation, on how things might have developed over time.

For more info about Evolution and it’s unanswered questions at:

All peaceful and tolerant religions must be respected: Individuals should have freedom of religion to worship as they please as long as they respect other religions and are tolerant of other religions. Each person should be able to worship and find God in their own way, or not find God if that is what they want. Everybody is different. “One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills”. We all want to exist with respect and without intimidation, ridicule, and violence. We all want the freedom to believe what we want to believe.

By the way while I am on the subject of respect. The teachings, actions, history, laws, and the suras of the Koran of Islam is not a religion that respects other religions, nor is it tolerant of other religions. Violence, ridicule, and intimidation are some of the Imam encouraged behaviors of the Islamic faith. Muslims consider non-Muslims to be their enemy and they must be destroyed. So Islam does not play well with other religions, and it is going to be the cause of the next world war.

Are we alone or are we not alone? Either answer is astonishing!

So enjoy your beliefs and try and stay open minded through life and you will get the most enjoyment of your days here on Earth. All beliefs are valid and obvious to someone. So if they are not your beliefs then mockery, intimidation, laughing at others only shows what a shallow ignorant liberal progressive atheist you really are. Let people determine their own spirituality.
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