Cryptcl: The New Civility From The Left

Since the new civility started I have seen sexist ranting accusing a female state official of fellatio on many and pulling a train (gang bang sex), a you’re dead threat to a Tea Party member, a death threat on Cheney, a $150,000 lawsuit over an olive pit that ruined sandwich enjoyment for Dennis Kucinich, Tracy Morgan saying Sarah is good masturbation material, and “she’s a MILF”, and calling for the beheading of Sarah Palin in children’s version of  the play Mikado in Moussola. The MSM are even protesting Bristol Palin’s qualifications to talk about the hardships of teen pregnancy. Hell, if she isn’t qualified who is? Thank goodness that the left is being more civil these days? Who does Dennis think is going to pay the $150,000.00? Thats right the taxpayers. He doesn’t seem to care.

Heres a link to a “civil left rap”?

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