Cryptcl: The NPR State of Mind?

An NPR State of Mind is an interesting phenomena of the liberal progressive “journalist” community. NPR’ers believe they are superior in intellect, more sophisticated, and having more compassion. Their birth right, groomed, and branded as future political and social leaders who must take the unwashed masses by the hand and bring them to the statist socialist nirvana that can only be achieved with government subsidized public radio paying the bills.

There political and social views are strictly liberal, progressive, secular and left-wing perspectives. Conservative taxpayers pay their salary. Republican taxpayers pay their salary. Religious taxpayers pay their salary. Yet NPR only caters to liberal, Democrat, and secular viewpoints. NPR is a major component of the Democratic Party media arm. All opinions and editorial comments and reports on NPR provide the leftist view of the world. All other perspectives are ignored. They do not qualify as a fair and balanced media outlet. They are too partisan and therefore should not be subsidized by the federal government. They should prosper or fail in the private sector based on their own merits and the liberal audience that listens and donates to support NPR.

The problem with NPR, and PBS too, is that they know they are anti-conservative, anti-religion, and anti-capitalist bigots and they just don’t care about anyone but their target audience.

NPR Board Members States NPR Target Audience:

More NPR Executives Secretly Taped:

Aid NPR: Bill Moyers Attacks Fox and Right-Wing Machine:

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