Cryptcl: The Old GOP Stands Against the Tea Party and Sarah Palin

Regardless of the daily news, or the daily arguments between the left and the right. There are some truths that never change. The left unfairly attacks, falsely accuses, and spouts vitriol rhetoric at Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin responds to accusations point by point to prove them wrong. Then the old GOP Guard, those that are not Tea Party members, lecture, correct her statements to their preference, and try to paint Sarah Palin as not ready for prime time. She is more than ready. Currently the old GOP Guard is doing the same thing the democrats do…..fudge some bogus poll results that indicate Sarah is losing support, when she really is not losing support.

Without the Tea Party the November election victories would have been less Republican. Republicans cannot turn their back on the Tea Party, or it will cause their own self-destruction. It is not in the GOP’s best interest to question the credibility of any GOP or Tea Party candidate. Unless like Newt Gingrich, possible GOP candidate with some RINO credentials for president, who is doing the Democrats due diligence for them. Newt cannot win as a RINO. He must run as firm fiscal and social conservative, and as a conservative Sarah Palin is an ally not an enemy. Regardless of who’s running for what. GOP and Tea Party should not tear down GOP and Tea Party candidates. Let the Democrats do that. This election will be won by the party that presents the most attractive optimistic and positive conservative alternatives, not by the party that does the most name calling.

Earth to old GOP Guard! If you don’t support the Tea Party candidates for congress and for president, you will lose the elections just like RINO John McCain did. If you try to elect RINO’s you will fail in 2012, and will hand the democrats an undeserved victory. Tea Party members are the conservative base of the Republican party and no one can win without their support. Tea Party members are also independents, and no one can win without their support. The Tea Party is growing all the time. Those that become obstacles to the Tea Party will find themselves with little support.

The best example of the old guard refusal to accept the coming power of the Tea Party is Lisa Murkowski. She thinks she won on election night. All she did is get lucky and delay the inevitable. She turned her back on the Republican Primary Process and the Tea Party. Now she maybe caucuses with Republicans or maybe with Democrats. Doesn’t say much for her personal character and values does it. Lately, she has been voting across the board with the Democrat agenda.

All she did is abuse the old boy network to barely beat a brand new Tea Party candidate. I personally believe that if a complete recount was done, then Lisa would have lost. Instead a judge gave her the victory. Next election she will be toast because she’s the classic RINO. Votes what she wants instead of what conservative Americans want. Conservative Americans don’t want RINOs, they want Republicans that are strong and firm conservative leaders. They want candidates that support conservative values.

Another RINO that will be gone soon is the newly elected Scott Brown. He presented himself as a Tea Party conservative, but now he is turning into the common wishy washy RINO. The Tea Party is very disappointed in Scott Brown for now stating he will vote his conscience instead of his constituents expectations. Why do so many Republicans change their stance once they get to Washington? There has to be some sort of institutional payola or mind altering fumes influencing politicians that turn their back on conservatives.

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