Cryptcl: The Qu’ran and Shariah Law Are Hate Speech!

Sensitivities to Islamic teachings and traditions are in the forefront of all current media. No infidel wants to insult Islam or any other religion. We believe in religious freedom for all. Unfortunately, there is a problem waiting for us all in the next few years. Rather soon, push will come to shove and the discriminatory, bigoted, and intolerance of Islam will be bared for all to see.
Some questions immediately arise.
Islam is unlike any other religion or dogma civilized society recognizes. Islam commands that their devoted followers must, with their own hands, kill other non-muslim worldviews and their followers. How can civilization tolerate the “hate-speech” known as Islam and Shariah Law. Believe me, it is hate speech in its purest form. Expressed in religious texts (Qu’ran), intepreted by religious elders (Imams), worshiped in a cult like fashion (prayer 5 times a day), memorized verses as the sacred word of god (cult-like indoctrination), and inherently completely intolerent (anti-infidel), to all other worldviews or other religions.

Islam encourages the murder of infidels. One of the primary tenants of Islam is that infidels are worthless and killing them in the name of Islam (jihad) is encouraged by the Qu’ran and the Imams. Islam has no tolerance for infidels. Now I am not certain of the numbers, but that means that billions of everyday people around the world, according to Islam, should be killed. Otherwise, the infidels must convert to Islam to protect themselves.

Islam has proven its durability and success in indoctrinating poorly educated, poverty level, underachievers with a way to vent their anger at the infidel civilizations. Islam has sanctified the sloth, lack of creativity, lack of personal responsibility, and lack of effort illustrated in thousands of years of Arabian civilization. In many ways the goal of Islam is to glorify the ways and means of the 7th century technology and civilization. Islams praises lack of improvement, development, and creativity on all levels of society. Islam wants to freeze life in the 7th century when their caliphate was powerful. Societal improvements and invention raises too many philisophical questions for the Imams and needs to be avoided at all costs in order to maintain their grip on the devoted muslim.

The goal of Islam is the elimination of all infidels through bloodshed or conversion. Anything less would be a failure in their devoted worldwide muslim congregation. By definition Islam is hate speech, backed by threats, and violence.

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