Cryptcl: The True Sordid Tales of America’s Camelot

The constant nonsense of the left was that the JFK/RFK administration was some sort of magical kingdom of Camelot, a high-water mark of ethics and morals in government. For years, and even today lefties talk nostalgically about the elegance, the pomp, and circumstance of what truly was the magical kingdom of Camelot. Left Wing propaganda. Let’s look at what moral and ethical decisions were made by these magical men of Camelot.

  • Sam Giancana was a Chicago based mafia kingpin. The close election that put JFK in power was finally determined by the state of Illinois where there were numerous known voting and poll irregularities, and there was documented mob involvement in the election that determined the results of the national election in Illinois. The mob got the win for JFK, and thought they now had a president in their pocket.
  • JFK’s father Joe Kennedy was involved with organized crime and knew the players personally from his bootlegging years. No stranger to dealing with these people. A large portion of his wealth was the direct result of bootlegging. He raised four sons Joseph Jr, John, Robert, and Ted. During their growing up Ted was the youngest and was considered to be the runt of the litter. The oldest, Joseph Jr., considered to be the golden boy, died in a wartime plane explosion in 1944. John was assassinated as president. Robert was assassinated while running for president. Ted made a failed attempt at running for president and died from a brain tumor after decades as a senator. This family was considered by many to be American royalty. The tragedies of the Kennedys just made them more mythical, legendary, and larger than life.
  • As president, JFK was injecting amphetamine twice daily. Claimed it was for his back pain. The nickname “doctor feel good” was jokingly named after his doctor. That name wound up in the pop culture of the time. People who are addicted to amphetamine lose rational reason and replace it with paranoia. I guarantee that JFK was not governing with a completely rational mind all the time. Hitler also had amphetamine injections twice a day to overcome fatigue.
  • JFK had numerous mistresses. This was done openly in the White House because in those days no one would say what was going on. The press knew what was going on, but never reported it. The mistresses, all known by the first lady, included Marilyn Monroe, and Sam Giancana’s mistress Judith Exner. It was a revolving door of mistresses. JFK was a womanizer extraordinare. JFK and the democrats were so brazen that in a JFK public appearance Marilyn Monroe showed up on his birthday, dressed as sexy as possible, and then singing a very sexy version of happy birthday to “Mr. President”. That must have almost killed Jackie.
  •  So a mafia kingpin and a president of the United States have a direct means of communication. They can send messages back and forth through Judith Exner. That’s why they share the mistress. That’s what her purpose was. The mob was licking their chops, thinking of the amount of money they could make with a president in their pocket.
  • JFK then appoints his brother RFK as attorney general. Appointing his brother? Can anyone imagine if G.W.Bush appointed Jeb Bush to a key administration position. Imagine the media uproar. This is one of the lasting legacies of the JFK regime. The laws, ethics, and morals do not apply to JFK or RFK.They can do whatever they want because press were lapdogs in Camelot.
  •  RFK a young arrogant lawyer decides to start a war on organized crime. Remember this is the same organized crime that just guaranteed his brother was elected as President. He attacks the mafia with everything he has. Embarrassing public hearings and secret investigations determined to destroy the mafia. To give an example of how RFK abused his power, look to the case of Carlos Marcello. Carlos was the mafia boss in the New Orleans area. He was not a U.S. citizen. RFK decided to make things as difficult as possible for him. He raided Carlos Marcello’s home, I believe in the middle of the night, surprising the mafia kingpin in his pajamas and shoeless. RFK had Carlos picked up and placed on a U.S. military plane. Flown to South America, I believe Honduras, and dropped him off with no shoes, no money, no identification, and in his pajamas at the airport. Can you imagine what would happen if an Attorney General tried to do that today? End of his career. Absolutely nothing happened to RFK for this insulting attack on organized crime and violation of human rights. Or so he thought.
  • It turns out that RFK actions against organized crime, that JFK was not interfering to stop it, and that organized crime was treated with such disrespect motivated the mob to seek extreme payback.  Carlos Marcello was furious. Either kill JFK or RFK. It was decided that if you “kill the head”(JFK) then “the tail will die”(RFK) too. So this is the atmosphere just prior to the JFK assassination. In all investigative circles Carlo Marcello’s name comes up as the probable or possible master mind of the JFK assassination. There are also allegations of the CIA and the Castro assassination plot in the shooting. Santos Trafficante, mob boss in Miami, often comes up as being a participant due to his involvement with the U.S. government’s illegal attempt to use organized crime for the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro.  It is known that Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist activist in New Orleans shortly before the JFK assassination. I personally have always felt that there was more than one shooter. Oswald was the patsy, but other snipers were involved. The assassination site was perfect for multiple professional snipers to fire from different locations in a triangle configuration, guaranteeing mission success. Needless to say, we still don’t know the whole truth. The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was killed on national television while in police custody, always seemed to be the hand of the mafia to me. Jack Ruby, the shooter of Oswald, was a strip club owner with mafia connections. He died under strange circumstances before the government provided him with witness protection so he could reveal the whole truth of what he knows.
  • During his administration, JFK met with Nikita Krushchev in Washington. During that visit, Nikita sized JFK up as a paper tiger. When Nikita went back to the USSR he immediately started building the Berlin wall, and then tried to build nuclear missile sites in Cuba. JFK was able to pressure the Soviets to dismantle all cuban missile sites.  Once JFK was gone. RFK’s motivation and power was reduced. RFK realized JFK was killed because of his actions against organized crime. He was never the same man.
  • But he’s a Kennedy, no reason to stop womanizing. So RFK also has an affair with Marilyn Monroe. He was at Marilyn’s apartment the day she died from an overdose. The specifics of his involvement have always been covered up. The reputations of JFK and RFK were always protected without exception by all the media. Media was completely owned by the left at this time and they always controlled the narrative. The narrative was the magical righteous Camelot.
  • A few years later RFK was now running for president. He most probably would have won having that Kennedy mystic. No one is sure of what motivated Sirhan Sirhan. He claims the U.S. helping Israel. My gut tells me that organized crime wanted to make sure RFK did not become president, and found a way for a third party to carry out the deed. They were vicious enemies.

Note: there was a 1970’s picture of Hanoi Jane and John Kerry giving speeches together but I determined that the picture was fake/doctored, so I removed it.

  • We do have some influence of Camelot to this day. John Kerry was a close friend of the Kennedys. He would go sailing with JFK when JFK was senator/president. They must have been close since John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) had the same initials as John Forbes Kerry (JFK). He was raised in the mythology of JFK, PT109, and heroic war tales. He wanted to become president just like JFK. He became the captain of a small swiftboat, captain of small boat like JFK’s PT109, during Vietnam. During a total of 4 months in a combat area, he received 3 purple hearts, a silver cross, and a bronze star, without ever being in a major battle. If you have 3 purple hearts then you are automatically shipped to a non-combat area. He was assigned as an Admiral’s assistant. Takes connections to get a job like that. By the way, although John Kerry received 3 purple hearts, he carries no known scars from his combat. John Kerry spent most of his life as a confidant of Ted Kennedy. Ted made everything possible for John, being a radical Vietnam veteran spokesman, Winter Soldier hearings, being a senator, and attempting to win the presidency. Put Ted Kennedy and John Kerry together and you have the most immoral, unethical, and arrogant of successors to Camelot. Ted Kennedy committed vehicular homicide, killing his female associate, Mary Jo Kopeckne, while driving drunk off a bridge. He escaped any punishment for this crime through his connections with the local police, the local judges, and his advisors.
  •  Few know this but JFK is the president that got us into Vietnam. He was the first president to send advisors and combat troops to Vietnam. So Vietnam is the war of the democratic party. JFK started it, LBJ screwed it all up during his administration.

So if anyone ever starts to tell the tales about the magnificence of Camelot, you can laugh in their face. Camelot was fiction, a fraud, a child’s toy. Camelot was a created narrative by the left controlled media. The Kennedys as one looks back were probably some of the most immoral, unethical, corrupt, and arrogant politicians to ever hold major offices in the U.S. government.

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